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STORM 78 Mars 2010

        No. 78                  Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action                 Mars 2010
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BOOK REVIEW: A Cure for Money Madness by Spencer Sherman(J). Interviewed from Ukiah, USA by Michael Toms(J) for his show New Directions on ABC Radio National 792AM 2am Moonday 8 Juno 2009 (60 minutes):
MT: “You’ve been an investment adviser for 15 years. What have you learned about investors in that time?“
SS: “I got an MBA from Harvard but then studied psychology. Business schools don’t teach psychology but they should. What I’ve learned over time is that most people are governed by fear. Some see it as greed but it is really fear. Why did Bear-Stearns make unwise investments? They feared what their peers might say if they did not. I had a client who refused to diversify when the market peaked. He stayed with this one stock till it hit zero. Afterwards I asked him if he’d asked his wife’s advice. ’No’ he said ’she would have told me to sell’. He feared his wife’s disapproval so he ignored what he knew he should do.
Watching the markets taught me more decisions there are made from emotion than from reason. This means the unskilled investor has just as good a chance as the one with an MBA. Why? Records show most investments are made when markets are high & most sales come when markets are low. That is the opposite of logic. To maximise your investments you rationally should sell high & buy low. That is not what happens as most stock market investors, whether professional or amateur, follow their emotions. My research showed this applied equally to prices paid for real estate“.    
WAR ON ‘EDUCATION’: Long-time readers of STORM will know this editor’s low opinion of the Australian ‘education’ system. Was matched recently by a father who told us “I’d rather smash my kids heads in with a rock than send them to a University. The man, a fundamentalist Christian but no lover of the Mittel Ost Colony, said he had seen ‘too many’ young Christians sent off to Uni’s only to return home within the year as raving atheists. “Most never recover their faith. They take up the lifestyle of the devil - drinking, smoking, drugs, casual sex“.

Another father told us how his child found the Uni method of ’education’ to be biased and open to intimidation. “Say your kid is studying journalism. In first year The kid gets articles to rewrite. These must be rewritten as the tutor wants. These tutors are always some ALP-appointed low life drunk, a former reporter who can‘t work anymore. His or her job is to twist the future reporters into his or her own perverted image. Any who refuse to be so twisted are simply ’failed’. System is totally biased. Only pro-Left students are allowed to pass. From what I have seen the same method applies in all Australian Teacher Training institutions. Even the so-called ’christian’ or Catholic training outfits all use lecturers from the State system so are equally polluted“.

CHRISTIAN OR SECULAR? Were contacted by a lecturer from a conservative theological college which trains future pastors. Said he could never become college President. Lacked a Doctor of Theology (D Th.) but could not go beyond his current Masters of Theology. Why? He’d have to study at the nearby secular State University. All theology lecturers there were atheists. “To pass my exams I’d be required to DENY all my basic beliefs. I refuse to stoop so low simply for another piece of paper”. The question is not ‘why does he not submit?‘ but, under such circumstances,  why does his denomination require their college President to have a D. Th.?

WORLD SWALLOWS CHURCH: Because they’ve accepted the world’s values. This lecturer also told us of a church in his denomination who appointed as Chair of their Deaconate (head of board of management) a lecturer at the same secular State University. Man had a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) but was an avowed atheist. “Then why appoint him as a church leader?“ we asked. “Maybe the church seeks credibility so accepts the world‘s low standards“, he suggested.

In fact the newly installed atheist soon started up a Social Justice Task Force. Its ten members, all Reds, routinely  embarrassed the 10,000 member denomination by making wild, unauthorised statements to the media on ‘hot’ social and political topics. Fortunately this church had a democratically-elected Annual Assembly with delegates from each member-church. After a year of ceaseless provocations their SJTF was ordered disbanded. Not all churches are so blessed with such a democratic set-up.

TOP-DOWN HIERARCHY: Just look at the Anglican Church. The various issues its ’leaders’ espouse are not approved by the mass of its members, who out of misplaced loyalty retain links with an organisation they now barely recognises. Media regularly warn of a ’split’ in this church but the truth is the conservative members know if they depart they’ll lose property, finances, everything. Has already happened in the two years to separating US churches after US queer Gene Robinson was appointed Bishop in 2007.

Also happened in 1970’s Australia when the conservative Methodist, Congregational and Presbyterian Churches amalgamated to form the Leftist Uniting Church. Individual churches who resisted or attempted to retreat were simply robbed of their property. So a local congregation that had built a church building, paid for it & run it themselves for a hundred years would find themselves ‘out in the street’ with an anonymous Head Office pulling the plug on them. Forced many to stay in ’their’ churches even though they loathed the new-style Leftist preaching, theology or methods.        

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