Tuesday, 29 April 2014

GOLDEN DAWN Demo: Will you be there?

GOLDEN DAWN Rally 1- 4pm 2nd Mai 2014: Will you be there? 
All Racialists parties are Welcome. 
Come to the biggest racialist rally in a decade. Groups expected will be from the Hammer-skins, B and H, C18, the National Socialist Alliance, Volksfront and AFP Security  

A Qld Police permit has already been obtained. 
Media have been alerted. It is anticipated 70+ racialists will attend. Expect 160+ race-mixing Communists.

We ask that all party differences be 'left at the door' so there are no tensions on the grounds. 

For location and other details phone us here at ANA on 0423 187 582 and we can pass you onto the NSA Organiser.  

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