Tuesday, 29 April 2014

SNIPPETS #34 US Accuses Rus of 'sabotage'

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by Benn Yogarni 
ABC TV Channel 24 News 9pm Frigasday 25th April 2014:
“US Secretary of State John Kerry says ‘Russia is sabotaging Ukraine’s democratic processes’(sic)”. 
John Kerry-Cohen: The breathless, unblinking hypocrisy of J. Kerry-Cohen is apparently endless. How did such a creature come to be Secretary of State? He unsuccessfully ran for US President. His claim to fame was as ‘war hero’. He ran for President the same year as ‘war hero’ John McCain. Kerry ‘won’ his three Purple Hearts in the Vietnam War. Purple Heart is unique to the US. Is a medal given to any who suffer a wound, no matter how minor. Kerry won three for very minor wounds. War veteran magazine  Soldier of Fortune exposed these three minor wounds and effectively scuppered Kerry’s run for office. 

Well Connected: SOF also brought to light that JK was ‘well connected’ i.e. his Dad got him out of his safe post in the Vietnam War after only three month’s service. Kerry thereafter avoided any mention of his ‘war service’. Much as Geo W Bush did regarding his ‘war service’ during Vietnam in the very safe Texas Air National. Is sad that USA has become such a decrepit state, built on lies. Kerry could not win office so had to be appointed to high office by B. Obongo.

Veep Biden: What of US Vice-President Jo Biden? He also ran for US President. Like Kerry was forced to quit during the Democratic Party Primaries. Biden as a Congressman had plagiarised a speech by US icon John F. Kennedy. Claimed he ‘didn’t remember doing it’. Was effectively disqualified from high office so, like Kerry, his only entre was to be appointed by B Obongo.

'Sabotaging Democracy': As for 'sabotaging Ukraine's democratic process' - what 'democratic process'? Ukraine had an elected government, something the USA would not understand being a corrupt plutocracy. The many Wall Street-engineered Crashes are evidence of this have: 1987, 1997, 2001, 2007 are only the latest examples. For all the widespread fraud practiced on Wall Street and in the various insolvent merchant banks across the US, how many successful prosecutions has the US Justice Department completed? One. Of an Indian national.

US Meddling: Ukraine's two year-old government had only two faults, but the USA saw these as fatal and so needing their 'help' to remedy: they were pro-Russian and they had gaoled former Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko(J) for seven years for blatant corruption. Why gaol Yulia? She had acted like her cousins on Wall Street. But Ukraine is NOT Wall Street, as Yulia found out after losing the 2012 election.

New Ukrainian 'Government' a US Puppet: The first act of the new US puppet government, after it had seized power using small arms to topple the elected government, was a gaol break: they busted Yulia out. She soon appeared in a wheelchair on stage at the Maidan stage in Kyiv, where the rebel mob had their HQ. Of course, Yulia wasn't crippled. It was for dramatic effect. Within the week she was walking around, miraculously healed simply by the thought of war with the foe of her tribe, Putin. Along with him she wants to punish any Rus who dared oppose her ilk, the Oligarchs, after Putin took power 31 Dec 1999. But how to punish all of Russia? Let her brethren in control of the USA do it. 'First some sanctions…then a nice little war, then all their assets are to be stolen…all hail, the New World Order!'

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