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SNIPPETS #28: Australia to get Holocaust LIE Law

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by Benn Yogarni
ABCTV2/ News Channel 24  'The Drum' programme 830pm Thorsday 27 Mars 2014:
"Reporter (E) and Kerry Chicarovski(E), first female head of the NSW Parliamentary Liberal Party and Opposition Leader:
“I believe in free speech, BUT….”
The Drum's resident 'talking head':
 “I’m a JEW. I agree with the new law’s intent to ban Holocaust Denial(sic), which is appalling, BUT…”

ABC News Radio 936AM 5am Solday 30 Mars 2014:
“Federal Attorney-General George Brandis(E) says he has ‘found the perfect balance between outlawing racism and guaranteeing free speech’. Critics are not so sure…”      [our emphasis]

RACE HATE LAWS: Federal Attorney-General, Liberal George Brandis(E), is moving to amend the Race Discrimination Act, 1974. Passed by Whitlam’s ALP it was amended under Hawke’s ALP in the 1980’s to include a Race Hate Incitement amendment. This was expanded under Gillard’s ALP 2009-2013 to a Gender Bias amendment. A vague law to ban ‘racism’ became a law to ban incitement to attack, then to any criticism of homosexuals, then of women especially Red-headed Prime Ministers.

FREE SPEECH: Previous ALP-appointed Federal Attorney-General under Rudd’s ALP in 2013, Mark Dreyfuss was an Enemy. Country suffered from global economic woes but Rudd's sole intent was to please his financial backers in the Melbourne clique by passing their Holocaust Denial law. They're our true rulers. Dreyfuss copied AG’s across enslaved Western Europe* and Canada.

LIBERALS BAN FREE SPEECH: The ALP's Rudd failed to get his law passed before his government was voted out on 7th September 2013. So one of the first laws Abbott's incoming Liberals sought to pass was the amended Race Discrimination Act. It will finally include a Holocaust Denial clause**. Every EU country has been forced to impose one of these on its people by the ruling anti-Christ, anti-white, anti-male clique. These same aliens now fan the flames of a Third European War, this time between a German-lead EU and Putin’s independent-minded Russia***.

WHITE EXTERMINATION: The alien's goal is to see all whites DEAD. Why? We're too hard to control. Unlike the other two Races, we refuse to be ruled so must be eradicated. The Enemy's preferred method is slow strangulation. They suffocate us with laws as they kill our children in the womb using our own women. They murder our marriages, again using our foolish women. They drown our towns and cities with millions of indigestible alien-dross. Which our women copulate with…

WHITE KULTUR ENDED: They corrupt and hijack our religious festivals like Christmas, Easter and even Saint Valentine’s Day – now called ‘Rose Day’.  Yet our poor, dulled-down people never suspect who their real Masters are. The local politicians are just controllers imposed on them by Wall Street hyenas.

DIE LIKE DOGS: To die is one thing; to be murdered is quite another. But to fight ceaseless wars for an Enemy who rides on your back****, choking you to death, is something only whites would suffer. That is the height of pathos. Poor, sad, white West. Who will lament you? Not your current demon-rulers; nor their mongrelised, mulatto minions. Not even our own children, brainwashed as they are to love their racial foes and hate their own skin.

*GUN LAWS: Never forget it was Howard's Liberals in 1997 who outlawed private ownership of firearms in Australia. The NSW ALP attempted this under Barry Unsworth but failed. Were never game to repeat it  They left it to their Liberal friends to do.  Dozey, lumpen public are told: 'ALP are Reds who want to control you; Libs are Conservatives who offer you freedom'. WRONG. Both parties serve the same Masters. Ask yourself: one party imposes a law we hate so we vote them out. The other comes to office promising 'change' but never repeals the Others' laws. Public doesn't notice. 

**FREE SPEECH IN FRANCE: Have you wondered that the world’s media never mention that the current French Socialist President, Hollande, is a Enemy? Or that Sarkozy, the previous French Conservative President, was also a Enemy? Why was no one told? It is illegal to inform the public of such ‘racist’ facts.

UKRAINE: Next Ukraine President and former Prime Minister is Yulia Timoshenko (E). She was broken out of prison the same day the elected President was chased from office by a rent-a-crowd of Enemy and fascists stooges. In fact, she was the reason he was toppled. So she could be freed.

***WAR AGAINST RUSSIA:The war now with Russia? Well, the real reason for that is Putin retook Russia's stolen State assets from the ‘Ten Oligarchs’, all Chosen, when he was appointed Russian President in 1995. They had been 'given' these by President Yelstin 1991-95 during his 'privatisation' phase. You never heard any of this? Under Brandis’(E) new law you won’t hear of it again – as we will be BANNED from telling the truth.  

****Tolstoi said: 'I carry an Enemy who sits on my back, promising me all that I may want, except to get off my back'.  

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