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STORM 79 Apri 2010

 No. 79                     Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action                      Apri 2010
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only.

ABCTV Ascent of Money (Episode 3): Risky Business Thorsday 8.30pm 18 Juno 2009 (50 minutes).
Writer/presenter Prof. Niall Ferguson. Series producer Andrew Pennick; ChimericaMedia for Channel Four (UK).
“In 1744 the world’s first modern insurance scheme was organised by two Scottish clergymen. Their job was to provide for widows & orphans of their fellow clergy through the Scottish Minister’s Widows Fund. Previously a minister would deposit funds into an account. After his death his family would have this amount returned to them in a lump sum.

The new scheme changed all that. Now the deposited amounts or ‘principle‘ would stay untouched. Instead the money would be invested in commercial enterprises where it would create income. This income would be paid out to the widows in installments. Scheme proved so successful that by 1815, at the Battle of Waterloo, ¼ of the British Army had adopted it. Is now the basis for all modern insurances schemes. Another innovation of the two ministers Scottish Widows Fund was to work out an extremely accurate projection of how many widows & orphans would require funds in the future. Method is also still used today by all major insurers.

First country to provide universal insurance for its people was Japan. When Tokyo was hit in 1923 by a massive earthquake few had insurance. Government was pressured to provide it. They did. During WWII scheme was enlarged as few soldiers had life insurance. Now, thanks to the government, all did. In the closing days of WWII the Americans devastated entire Japanese cities. It was the government’s insurance scheme that rebuilt them. By the1990’s the Japanese pension schemes was so successful they had the longest living people in the world. The irony is now there are too few young to care for them.

In 2004 the city of New Orleans, USA, was hit by a natural disaster. Even though the hurricane, Katrina, did not hit the city the following storm surge did. The levies were breached, the city flooded. The Ninth Ward went under 15 feet of water in 15 minutes. 148 residents drowned there, trapped in their homes by rapidly rising flood waters. Over 2,000 died in the whole of St Bernards Parish, the local government area where New Orleans sits. After the floodwaters had receded many residents found their private insurance policies, just as the Japanese had in 1923, to be worthless.

The biggest insurers simply refused to pay up. Unlike Japan the US government did not intervene. Instead a lawyer, such as only the US seems to throw up (sic), appeared. Eugene Scruggs(?) had previously sued big tobacco companies for a record US$248 billion for their ‘failure to warn smokers that nicotine was addictive‘. His share of that payout was US$1.4 billion. With this money he’d purchased a luxury home in St Bernards Parish. After Katrina Scruggs ‘took up the fight’ on behalf of his neighbours. They won, but at a cost. Hundreds of policies that had been denied were soon being paid.

But it was a hollow victory. Not long after the big insurers had Scruggs tried, convicted & gaoled for five years on charges of ‘attempting to bribe a judge’. A second blow came when the same insurers joined forces to declare entire sections of the Gulf Coast around New Orleans to be ’uninsurable’. Meant all rebuilding ground to a halt as no bank would provide loans. Why? All such loans require Homeowners Insurance - now unavailable. As a direct result St Bernard’s Parish has lost 2/3 of its former residents. New Orleans may never be rebuilt”.

ABCTV News 7pm Saturnsday 27 Juno 2009:
“A group of Indian reporters, flown to Australia by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs, has concluded that many reports in the Indian media of ’racist attacks on Indian students here’ are false. Agreed ’there have been many attacks but none were racially motivated’. Team held talks with Federation of Indian Student Organisations In Australia who agreed with their conclusions. Recent furore in the Indian media has threatened our lucrative Overseas Student market which last year saw 100,000 Indians arrive in Australia, dumping(sic) three billion dollars into the locals economy”.
[Victorian & NSW Police found some attackers were Muslim, especially in Sydney where ruling ALP only retains power with massive financial & manpower support from Lebanese Mosque at Lakemba. RE].

INDIAN INVASION? What no reporter admits is the role Indians are playing in the Asian takeover of Australia. Under the allegedly ’racist’ Federal Liberal government of John Howard 1995-2007 the immigration laws were altered. Previously ‘overseas’, i.e. Asian, students who trained here could not apply for Citizenship till three years after they had returned ‘home’ after the completion of their Australian degree. Howard altered this due to the ’doctor shortage’ first announced in 2004. After 2004 any Asian studying at an Australian University now automatically received Citizenship WITH their degree. Is when the flood of Indians began. By 2008 contacts in Australian hospital began to complain that whereas half of the doctors were Chinese and only a few Indians now 50% of ALL staff were Indians - down to the cleaners! What had changed? The Immigration Regulations.

DOCTOR DEATH: In 2004 Indian-trained doctor Jayan Patel, one of those 3,000 foreign ‘Health workers’ was arrested. While based in Bundaberg Qld he is alleged to have killed 87 whites and permanently maimed 200 others  Dubbed by media ‘Dr Death’ Patel was hired by Qld Health despite having been de-registered in Oregon US for killing two patients there. When ‘exposed’ by a brave nurse and the local media QH gave him a one-way ticket back to the US & sacked the nurse! For four years ALP State government refused to extradite him. He returned in 2008 - voluntarily - after QH refused to pay him 'back pay’. Then his charges were reduced to two of ‘manslaughter‘. Is still not in custody. Many Indian doctors complained of media treatment of Patel as ’racist’.

WHAT ‘DOCTOR SHORTAGE’? So what of the doctor shortage? Question asked by no one in controlled media: why can’t we train our own doctors? If there were a temporary shortage in 2004 why were no whites recruited and sent to Unis who would have graduated in 2009 and replaced these Overseas incompetents. Good question but one no one will ever ask. Judging from reports sent to STORM QH seems not only to have a ’doctor shortage’ but a shortage of staff in all areas: physiotherapists, nutritionists, pharmacists, nurses. How else to explain the almost total dominance of all areas of QH by Indians -except the cleaning which is done by Filipinos. Why are no whites are allowed to train for ANY Health jobs. What’s going on? Is Health a designated non-white ghetto? Why?

AGEING POPULATION: Has much to do with the looming ’Aged Population’ problem facing every Western country. Is due directly to the legalisation of abortion since 1973. Resulted in a shortage of young whites but an oversupply of aged white Baby Boomers (those born 1945-1960). This much-coddled generation were sole beneficiaries of the post-WWII Welfare State, an idea unique in History. They effectively ‘mortgaged the future’ to fund the present. From 1945 to the present a plethora of welfare schemes were set up to pamper the Boomers with no thought given to how these could be sustained or funded. Now, finally the ‘chickens are coming home to roost’.

"I WORKED HARD!" Usual excuse offered by Boomers is “we worked hard so we deserve it”. Hmm. Idea seems to be that taxes paid by the individual are placed into some mythical ’nest egg’ to be drawn on when needed. WRONG. Taxes are spent as soon as they are taken. Current expenditure does not come from ’what we paid in’ but from current taxpayers of which there are a shrinking number. The idea young Asians can be imported to act as taxpayers for a class of retired whites is nonsense but very popular. Same idea is floated in Europe to justify African migration. Ask the retired whites of Namibia, Rhodesia or South Africa: ‘who pays your pensions?’ ‘NO ONE‘ they will reply. Same fools living in Cloud-cuckoo-land here will soon awake - but not for long. Their last thought will be ’why is this Indian administering me with a lethal injection?’ DUH!      

DIVORCE, ABORTION & THE CHURCHES: Complaint from a woman who works for a major Christian denomination: “our church claims to oppose easy divorce but in fact endorses it. How? I was recently at a meeting where a woman with four children, all prominent in the church, was boasting of her plan to divorce her husband. Every woman present, except me, openly supported her. What had hubby done wrong? Nothing. She had simply been convinced by other divorced women in the congregation that she would be ‘better off’ without a husband. How?! She hasn’t worked in years. Will go straight onto welfare but so will he as there’s no way he can continue  sending his kids to private schools AND support two households on a single income”.

DIVORCE FACTORY: Our female contact also attends a ‘Women’s Fellowship’ which she’s dubbed ‘Divorced Women’s Group’ as she is the only still married woman there. Said “they all whine about ’how bad my husband was’ yet can’t get another man to support them so rely on the church for routine chores to be done e.g. lawn-mowing“. Problem is self-perpetuating. The more ’support’ divorcees receive from churches the more are encouraged to ‘attend‘ and so receive aid. These then infect the churchwomen who follow their example. So the contagion spreads.

A second complaint from our still-married friend: of how the male partners of these women are subsequently ’ostracised’ by the church. “When a couple split, or more usually when, after 6-12 months of smearing her husband to all the other women she one day kicks him out, all the church rush to support her. He is effectively expelled. No one supports him. No one even listens to his side“. The church, if it really opposes divorce, must stop rewarding these mindless & yes evil home-wreckers. Some ’cost’ must be incurred for their anti-social behaviour. Something like ‘ditch your marriage & the church will ditch you‘.

‘RIGHT’ OR WRONG? We received a complaint was from a contact who supports Roman Catholic anti-abortion front group ’Right to Life Association’, recently renamed ’Cherish Life Inc’. CLI oppose murder of the unborn. Also promote ’safe birth control’ & family values. Apparently they’ve had no ’luck’ with their first goal so now run ’grief counselling centres’ as well. ‘Grief Counselling is for women who’ve had an attack of the ’guilts’ after murdering their child. Huh?! RTLA boast G.C. services are ’increasingly popular’.

GOD OR FREUD? Let’s get this straight: the Bible, which these church groups claim to revere, opposes both divorce & child murder yet these groups see fit to replace this with post-modernist ‘moral equivalency’. In short ‘if it fells good, do it & we’ll support you’. In effect they’ve replaced the Word of God with the words of Freud. ’Don’t murder’ becomes ’but if you do we’ll love you just the same’. You can imagine the shallow impact these churches, run by amoral jelly-fish, has on society. As a gun-owner once lamented to us about his cheap .22 cal rifle: “it wouldn’t break the skin on a rice pudding”. Is no wonder so few hold ‘The Church’ in high regard. These fools cause GOD Himself to be mocked.

GOD OF JUSTICE: Compare this parody of justice to the very real Justice exercised by the secular State. Do the police say: ’please don’t speed - but if you do we’ll forgive you!’ Duh! Wake up, Church-folk. One day soon a Judge will arrive who does not share your lassitude. You will not recognise Him but He’ll know all about you and your back-sliding. As the Bible says you are nothing but “vomit” (Rev. 3v16).  

WANTED: Gaoled US activist Geo. D. Loeb Jr seeks a publisher for his autobiography. If anyone can help please contact him at:
George D. Loeb Jr #292124, Wakulla Correctional Institution Annex N12080, 110 Melaleuca Drive, Crawfordville Florida 32327 USA.
“More conspiracies than coincidences depend on what you believe - who you believe. Jurors believe anything - anything in uniform particularly [but these are] nothing but perjurers in blue…”
From Geo D. Loeb Jr‘s 'prison diaries'. Want more? So do we so let’s get Geo a publisher for this red-hot prison memoir.

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