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SNIPPETS #35 What is the USA's Global Ambition?

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by Benn Yogarni
BBC World Service News 5am Saturnsday 26th April 2014:
Reporter Steve Rosenberg(J):
“13 unarmed OSCE observers have been arrested by pro-Russian separatists running the Eastern Ukrainian city of Slovyansk. These claim they are ‘spies’ and are being questioned. The observers come from Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. Not part of the official OSCE team they were invited by the Interim Ukrainian government to ‘observe’ the situation in Eastern Ukraine”.
Reporter Owen Bennett-Jones:
“Russia says it was visits by US Vice-President Jo Biden and the CIA chief which created all the problems in Eastern Ukraine. Russian officials have said: 'ever since the end of the Cold War America has worked to diminish Russia's sphere of influence'".
US Ambassador to Ukraine (sic) Daniel Bear (J):
“Russia is running a pack of lies. Their hand is behind every effort to sabotage the 25th May Ukrainian elections“.
OB-J: “Is the OSCE running out of a job after some of its unarmed observers were arrested in Slovyansk?”

DB: “My friend Daniel Ross*(J) says: ‘don’t blame the UN because some of its members don’t follow the rules’. Don’t blame the OSCE for Russia’s refusal to obey the rules”.

WHO IS DANIEL ROSS? *D. Ross(J) was a key element in Bill Clinton’s successful 1999 war to separate Muslim-majority Kosovo from Christian Serb rule. Amazing that fellow 'diplomat' DB(J) would quote so blatant an agent provocateur. What did D.Ross do? In so-called peace talks' allegedly 'to bring peace to Kosovo' D.Ross met privately and publicly with KLA rebels at the time when they were still classed as a ‘terrorist group'. He did this with a full US TV media team in tow. Explained it at the time as ‘purely coincidence’ that the KLA ‘just happened to be in the woods when he’d decided to go for a walk’. Media scrum all smirked, nodded and winked. Supposedly ‘neutral’ Western media proved to be very anti-Serb.

WESTERN MEDIA, UN and OSCE BIAS UNMASKED: Of course, UN and media have been silent ever since 1999 about widespread human rights abuses against the Serb minority by Kosovo’s Muslim Albanian rulers. Includes disappearances, torture, many deaths and destruction of a hundred Serb churches, some with UN peacekeepers present. All has been ignored by the OSCE and excused by the UN. As usual, UN shows its anti-Christ characteristics. Serbs in 1999 were shocked to see allegedly neutral OSCE used by NATO to gauge war damage during six-week US bombing campaign. Serbs had hoped OSCE ‘observers’ would tell US what errors they were making so as to avoid repeats. Instead, US used the OSCE and UN reports to better fine tune its attacks.

WHAT IS THE OSCE? Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe was and always will be a US pawn. A tool of US foreign policy during the Cold war they should have withered and died in 1989 with the War’s end but, like NATO its evil twin, it continues to serve US global policy. Without the military framework the North Atlantic Treaty provides US forces have no excuse for retaining 40,000 Occupation troops in Germany and a string of bases extending to Poland’s border with Russia.

AMERICA's MUSLIM RULERS: But first, back to Kosovo. Serbs did not realise US goal in 1999 was not just to ‘liberate’ Kosovo for its Saudi Arabian masters, as they had earlier liberated Kuwait (1991) and Somalia (1991). Real goal was to destroy Serbia’s armed forces, the third largest in Europe but not part of NATO and not under US control. US sees everything it does not directly rule over as a potential ‘threat’ and therefore to be ‘neutralised’. Why destroy the Serb Army? How would this serve  the US's long-term goals?

WAR FOR ISLAMIC FEUDALISTS: Geo. H. Bush’s National Security Adviser, General Brent Scowcroft, boasted: ‘five of our last six wars have been on behalf of Islam’. This despite Bush’s twin claim in 1990, prior to launching the war to reinstall Kuwait’s autocracy: ‘the US Army are not ‘guns for hire’ and ‘we’re not in the business of making the world safe for feudalism". They were and are. This is the key to understanding joint Saudi/US support for the alleged 'rebels' in Syria's civil war after Feb 2011. With the 1990-91 six months bombing campaign against Iraq, the US had eliminated the third largest armed forces in the Middle East which, like Serbia's was not under direct US military control.

UKRAINE: So what is the US game-plan in Ukraine? They used CIA/MI6 assets to topple the elected government in Kyiv, just as they had Serbia's Slobadan Milosevic on 31 Mars 2001**. When Russia objected, the US media and polity turned their threats on Russia. Their UN, NATO, OSCE proxies and their lapdog media began the steady drum-beat for war. Older folks will see terrible parallels with the escalating European ‘crisis’ after 1933 when a popular government was elected in Central Europe that would not obey orders but thought of its own people first.

'PUTIN THE NEW HITLER': Ironically, when wilder US media types say: ‘Putin is another Hitler’ they compliment him. Like AH, Putin refuses to obey the Masters. Look out Moscow, strike now before it is too late. Look at previous NATO targets Qadafi and Saddam Hussein. Both had ‘faith’ in the UN to be neutral. Both were tortured then butchered. Saddam, of course, was also called'Hitler revisited' in 1990 by G.H.Bush. Other foes have been denounced as a 'Hamaan' such as David Irving. What does this mean? Such Volk are seen as obstacles to the ambitions of a certain group.

US END GOAL? The US end goal? Here is a clue. Leftist film-maker Oliver Stone(J) inserted a scene in his film W about the 2003 Iraq War. He has the US’s real rulers at a secret meeting where they unfold a plan agreed set in 1994 whereby ‘any power that even attempts to rival the US must be destroyed - and that includes any who aspire to obtain nuclear weapons’. An Apocryphal tale maybe, but its results are plan to all.

END GAME for USA? One mystery that plagues the US Christian Right: why is there no mention of the USA in the Bible? They discern Russia, Egypt and China very clearly encoded there but US fundamentalists cannot see themselves. Why? In early 2014 popular US tele-evangelist Greg Laurie(J) attempted to answer this:
“there are three possibilities: the US population becomes so thoroughly evangelised that when the Rapture comes we all go straight to Heaven; the US is destroyed in an atomic war and no longer exists; or the US has been dismembered and the name no longer exists”.  
We agree. Whereas brother Laurie(J) prefers the former we believe all signs point to the latter.

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