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SNIPPETS #29: Cameron, Churchill revisited?

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by Benn Yogarni
BBC World Service 3am Thorsday 20 Mars 2014:
"Reporter Jon Markus(E): “British Prime Minister David Cameron(E) has called for Russia to be expelled from the G8. After all, they don’t really merit being in the G8 in the first place! ”  [and Britain does? RE].
BRITISH GOALS: So what is Cameron up to? This ‘crisis’ did not begin with Ukraine. This was all engineered by the CIA/MI6 through their various ‘civil society’ fronts who have been working to destabilise Russia since 1995. Remember it was Cameron who refused to visit Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics after being told to by ’gay rights’(sic) activist and TV show host Steven Fry. Cameron obeyed. He then urged B. Obama to follow suit. He did. Both tried then to convince ‘world leaders ‘ to not attend. Why?

‘OUT OF CONTROL VAGINAS’: Due to the arrest of a queer band, who’s name the Western press mistranslate as ‘Pussy Riot’. OOCV had been gaoled for two years. This supposedly ‘infringed gay rights’. What had they done? Desecrated a Cathedral, filmed themselves doing it and then boasted of doing it. Apparently that counts as ‘art’ in the twisted minds of the Left/liberal elite in both East and West. What nobody has asked is: ‘can they sing?’ This is irrelevant to the talentless drones that currently populate the ‘art world’. Two years? They should have been burnt at the stake! But Putin was much too just for such a traditional treatment.

TARGET SOCHI: In reprisal Cameron, Obama and their Masters targeted Sochi just as the same Dark Forces had in 1980 targeted the Moscow Summer Olympics*. Still, 44 heads of state arrived there ‘more than attended the last Winter Olympics’ said the IOC chief. He then begged so-called ‘world leaders’ to: “stop trying to politicise the Olympics,” an obvious reference to the childish antics of Cameron and Obama. Both ignored him.

PRO-WESTERN COUP: During the Sochi Games the CIA/MI6 toppled Ukraine’s two-year old, democratic, elected, pro-Rus government. Their paid mobs had been besieging his Parliament for three months. Why act now? They hoped the world's media, assembled in Sochi, would report the coup and not Sochi, robbing Putin of his deserved 'time in the spotlight'. A CIA/MI6 mob stormed the Parliament and Presidential Palace forcing the President to flee the country. They even tried to shoot him, wounding one of his bodyguards. The President reached safety of a Rus military facility in Krim. Escaping with his life, unlike Saddam Hussein or M. Qadafi after the same Dark Forces targeted them.

SOCHI SMOKE-SCREEN: We all now knew where we stood. This was a coup and the ‘gloves were off’. Even so, Putin refused to allow Western provocateurs to ruin his $70 billion ‘bash’. Rus forces waited patiently the twenty days till the Sochi Games, and then the Sochi Para-Olympic Games, were complete. By that time, however, pro-US/EU intel operatives had completely dismantled Ukraine’s governmental structure. They replaced it with an Anarchist mob, the so-called ‘Maidan’ a type of Utopian ‘Parliament in the streets’ which “vetoed or approved every ‘government decision by cheers or boos” (BBC World Service).

DARK FORCES  or ‘A NEW HITLER’?  The Cameron and Obama governments quickly ‘recognised’ the new, coupist regime in Ukraine they had illegally installed, but which lacked any legal or international legitimacy. To distract from this fact, and to further provoke a reaction from the Rus, especially following the exit of the world media at the end of the Sochi events, the West ramped up the pressure. Western trouble-makers had been determined to spoil Sochi for President Putin, some media even comparing him to Hitler circa 1936 due to the Berlin Olympics. They now dubbed both Berlin and Sochi the ‘dictator’s Games’ i.e. Putin was the new Hitler. Why? For refusing to allow no-talent queers to dance on a Cathedral altar. What’s going on here?

WESTERN MEDIA AGIT-PROP: During the Cold War 1949-89 the Western media would run anti-Soviet stories and the Russian media would run anti-Western stories. Both side twisted facts to fit their ideological grid. One political technique used by both sides was ‘agitation’ and ‘propaganda’. You ‘agitate’ a particular group, e.g. the Dalai Lama’s Tibetans in 1959. You set them at cross purposes to their Chinese overlords then sit back and watch. The inevitable Chinese reaction is then reported and hyped up. This is the propaganda. In effect, you set a trap you’re your foe then let them create the bad press for you.

CRIMEA/KRIM CRISIS: This is what we are seeing in the Krim ‘crisis’. Western secret service units toppled a legitimate government just for being pro-Russian. They then sat back and awaited the Rus response. Cameron and Obama desperately hoped it would be violent. It was not. Putin of course is a former Soviet secret service Colonel. He is more than a match for the CIA/MI6 criminals. Putin is too deft a hand at politics to be so drawn. He has stayed strictly ‘legal’ in all his actions whilst the Cameron/Obama forces, typified by the lamentable Jon Kerry, became more shrill and hysterical.

IS CAMERON CHURCHILL REVISITED? Does Cameron wish to be another Churchill, who in 1939 destroyed Britain and her Empire on orders of the Dark Masters, just to stymie Germany? What a hideous stain to leave in History. But that's the low type Cameron is. Poor, sad Brits. If only Hitler had invaded in 1940. He could have cleansed them of the very forces that since 1945 have gutted and corroded this once proud Nation, leaving an empty husk.

WWII, a HOLLOW VICTORY: Is why these poor fools annually celebrate the ‘Battle of Britain’ and various other WWII ‘victories’. The irony is these were victories over fellow whites and on behalf of hateful, alien Masters. Is why the Dresden 1945 massacre of 300,000 civilians will never be avenged as the War Crime it was. Would require the British, and yes the Americans, to see WWII for what it was: a defeat that has doomed the entire white Race.

Dear Brits: do not let Cameron begin another War, this time against pro-white Putin. Do not repeat the errors of 1939-45. Learn the lesson of History: ‘rule Britannia?’ Poor knaves - you’ve always been slaves.

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