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SNIPPETS #30: Western Australian Special Senate Election 5th April 2014

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by Benn Yogarni 
ABC TV Channel 24 Western Australian Special Election coverage’* 10.30pm Saturnsday 5th April 2014:
"The Greens are the big winner of this campaign having received the largest donation in Australia political history. Clive Palmer's PUP have missed out on a seat".

Results c/- AEC:
Enrolment: 1,480,324
Australian Labor Party269,81621.59-5.00
The Greens (WA)192,68115.42+5.93
Animal Justice Party8,0250.64-0.10
Australian Christians19,1651.53-0.11
Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party4,5110.36-0.08
Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party6,7970.54-0.05
Sex Party11,7240.94-0.55
Australian Sports Party4,0640.33+0.10
Australian Voice Party9770.08-0.01
Building Australia Party1,0190.08+0.08
Australian Democrats3,4000.27-0.02
DLP Democratic Labour2,6370.21+0.21
Family First Party9,2260.74+0.07
Freedom and Prosperity Party7990.06-0.05
Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party13,0441.04-0.03
Katter's Australian Party1,1510.09-0.21
Liberal Democrats22,7771.82-1.61
Mutual Party8290.07+0.07
Palmer United Party154,86512.39+7.38
Pirate Party6,0610.49+0.49
Rise Up Australia Party2,1920.18-0.11
Secular Party of Australia8710.07-0.04
Shooters and Fishers12,8501.03-0.01
Smokers Rights3,5410.28-0.39
Socialist Alliance7710.06+0.06
Outdoor Recreation Party (Stop The Greens)2,6780.21+0.04
#Sustainable Population Party2,9060.23+0.13
Republican Party of Australia7100.06+0.06
The Nationals38,1543.05-2.02
The Wikileaks Party7,6620.61-0.14
Voluntary Euthanasia Party8,2620.66+0.66


By the following morning this has all been ‘flipped’ by the ALP-controlled, yet government –funded ABC. 

ABCTV The Insiders programme [run by an ex-ALP speech-writer] 9am Solday 6th April 2014: “Clive Palmer was the big winner of these elections”. 
No mention of the Greens so no need to mention the ‘biggest donation’. End of story. Usual cover-up we routinely see in our corrupt media, a tool of the ruling elite. Allowed the Greens to return to their media-created image of ‘underdogs’ which is the party every ‘dinky-di Aussie always chooses out of a sense of ‘fairness’.Who do we think gave the donation?

Afrikaaners: WA is first port of call for migrants from South Africa. These allegedly funded the Rightist Australian National Movement of the 1980’s. Thereafter labeled ‘neo-Nazi’ by the ALP-controlled media, the Afrikaaners felt marginalised and ghettoised. A group in Melbourne who fund the MOTS and seek to control both ALP and LNP have since taken a keen interest in all things political in WA.

Alien Masters: We believe it was this second group, the Perth garrison of the Alien Masters, who gave the Greens money to defeat the popular will of the WA people. These seek to prevent ‘contamination’ of their East-Coast strongholds, Sydney and Melbourne, from which they control Australia's financial sector and Federal Parliament. It is in Melbourne and Sydney that 2/3's of Australia’s population reside.

P.U.P. Defeated: Clive Palmer’s attempt to pry open the crooked shell of the political caste to allow access for the common Volk is again stymied. Will take a Revolution and much bloodshed to change anything here. The elite must go as must their many media marionettes.

Rightist Parties: As you can see from the above results, WA voters had a choice of six Rightist political parties** all competing for the same votes. This split vote means all failed. Together they got a total of 15.14%, enough to win a seat or at least to get their deposits back. When will self-defeating competition give way to a National Alliance of Rightist parties?

Main-stream Parties: Together the two main parties, ALP and LNP, obtained only 55.83% of the votes. Clearly, voters are tired of both.

*WA SPECIAL ELECTION: Following the 7th September 2013 Federal Election billionaire candidate Clive Palmer, a mining magnate and Chinese proxy, claimed ‘irregularities’ after 7,000 ballots went ‘missing’ in WA alone. He forced the AEC to hold a Special Election for the first time in Australian history. This is unique as many politically aware Australian s have alleged since the 1970’s that the AEC is a tool of the ALP/LNP and deliberately prevents minor parties from breaking the strangle-hold the duopoly hold over power in the country. 
This lead to the rise of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation in 1997 but she was maligned by the ALP-controlled media as a ‘racist’ just as Clive Palmer, Bob Katter and other minor party leaders are. Allows the System to ‘write them off’ and idiotic public too as well. Is deep-seated frustration with the crooked System but few know what to do to ‘reform’ it.    

** Australian Christian Party; Democratic Labour Party; Family First Party; Katter's Australian Party; Palmer's United Party; Rise Up Australia Party. 

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