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Australian Nationalist Calendar (selected)

Australian Nationalist Calendar (selected)
Why an Australian Nationalist Calendar? As a practical example to the young. To embrace suffering for 'the cause' to be advanced a daily snippet of racial history can inspire & remind: we owe existence to past heroes. We have grouped these selected dates under the categories of ‘Military’, ‘Political’, ‘Cultural’ and ‘Racial turning points’.  AN Calendar is published in the Public Interest. No action should be inferred or implied. All remarks are the opinion of the editor alone.

C.              13.1.1911 birth of Sir Johannes Bjelke-Petersen
M. + C.     22.1.1879: Battle of Rorke's Drift, SA. 139 whites defeat 4,000 aliens;
R.              26.1.1788: first men settle in Terra Australis/Terra Nullius
M.             31.1.1942: Japs defeat AIF, Ambon. AIF loses 309 KIA, 791 POW

M.            13.2.1945: 300,000 Germans incinerated by RAF/USAAF, Dresden.
M.            16.2.1942: Japs massacre 22 AIF nurses, Banka-Banka Is, Indonesia.
P.          23.2.1919: Mussolini quits Italian Socialist Party; Founds Fasci del Comattimento.

M.     1.3.1942: HMAS Perth sunk by Japs, Battle of Java Sea. RAN lose 463 KIA, 223 POW.
M.     4.3.1942: Japs sink HMAS Yarra. RAN lose 138 KIA.
M.     4.3.1942: Japs butcher 160 unarmed AIF POWs, Rabaul, ANG.
R.      30.3. 1770: YAH leads Captain James Cook to Botany Bay, NSW.

P.       11.4.1997: Shopkeeper-MP Pauline Hanson launches One Nation. Recruits 50,000.
P.       23.4.2005: Sir Johannes Bjelke-Petersen dies. Nationalist Qld Premier for 19 years.
M.      28.4.1976: First Vietnamese 'Boaties' arrive, Darwin, NT.

M.   1.5.1945: RAA attack Japs, Tarakan, Borneo. RAA loses 225 KIA, 669 WIA
M.   14.5.1943: Hospital Ship Centaur sunk by Japs, Caloundra, Q. 269 of 333 WIA drown.
M.   31.5.1942: Three Jap midget subs attack, Sydney Harbour, kill 19 RAN.

R. & P.   3.6.1992: High Court Mabo decision cedes continent to ‘indigenes’.
P.            6.6.1859: Queensland separates from NSW
M.          8.6.1942: Jap sub shells Sydney, NSW
P.           13.6.1998: Pauline Hanson's One Nation wins 11 of 89 seats in Qld Parliament.
R. & P.  30.6.1861: Lambing Flat Riots, NSW: white gold miners expel Asians

M.   1.7.1942: USN sinks Montevideo Maru, Rabaul. 1,030 AIF POWs drown below decks.
M.   1.7.1945: AIF’s largest WWII landings, Balikpapan, Borneo. Lose 229 KIA, 634 WIA.
R. & P.   6.7.1998: Senate passes Wik Act, hands over of Terra Australis to ‘indigenes’.
R.   15.7.1945: Sandakan-Rimau Death-March, Borneo. Six of 2,600 AIF POW’s survive.
R.   22.7.1942: 4-month Battle of Kokoda begins. AIF 607 KIA, 1,015 WIA, 2,000+disease

R.    5.8.1944: Jap POW Break-out, Cowra, NSW. Four AIF slain. 231 Japanese KIA.  
M.    7.8.1942: US forces land Guadalcanal, S.I. Prevent Japs cutting sea-route to Australia. Americans win six-month battle. Costs 35,000 on all sides.
R.     16.8.1975: Whitlam grants 1st Abo 'land rights' to Gurindji Tribe, Wave Hill Station.
M. &  R.    25.8-9.9.1942: AIF fights 15-day Btl of Milne Bay. First defeat of Japs in Pacific.

P. & R.        10.9.1996: Pauline Hanson's maiden speech electrifies our continent.
M. & R.       11.9.1914: Btl of Bita Paka, German NG. 1,000 AIF & 500 RAN seize Rabaul. Six RAN KIA, four WIA. Germans lose 31 KIA, 11 WIA.
M.                26.9.1943: RAN/AIF 'Z Force' commandos raid Singapore on MV Krait.

R. & P.   3.10.1998: Pauline Hanson’s seat abolished by AEC. Len Harris first ON Senator.
P. & R.   12.10.2002: 202 die, Bali, incl. 89 Aussies. 1 year, 1 month, 1 day after 9-11.
R.   18.10.2001: SIEV X ('Suspect Illegal Entry Vessel No. 10') sinks. 350 Islamists get no refund.
R.    31.10.1975: Whitlam passes Race Discrimination Act. Al Grassby 1st RD Kommissar.

P. & R.    6.11.2003: Beattie releases P.Hanson from gaol 11 weeks into 3-year sentence.
M.            19.11.1941: HMAS Sydney vanishes off coast of WA. 645 crew 'missing'.

M.            1.12.1942: Japs sink HMAS Armidale
R.             1.12.1968: Bosses ordered to give Abos 'equal pay' - most are sacked instead.
M. & R.   16.12.1836: Btl of Blood River, Sudafrika: 464 whites kill 3,000 Zulus. Nil loses.
R.   16.12.1976: Liberal government grants Abos 'freehold title' to all NT [Abo] Reserves.
R.            22.12.1993: Senate passes Mabo Act.
P. & R.    23.12.1996: High Court grants Wik tribe all of Cape York.
R.            26.12.1826: 1st British settlers arrive at Albany, WA.

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