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'Sex Downfall of Many Top Brass' 
by Lolita C. Baldor Las Vegas Review-Journal Moonday 21 Januar 2013
Washington: "30% of military commanders fired over the past eight years lost their jobs because of sexual harassment, according to statistics compelled by the Associated Press. Recent cases have led to a review of ethical trainingArmy Gen. Martin Dempsey chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said: 'training is adequate but needs to be started earlier in service careers and must be reinforced more frequently'.
Officials struggle to explain why the problem has grown. Michele Flournoy, former under-secretary of Defence under Obama says: 'the military must enforce a zero tolerance policy and change the culture so service members understand their career is over if they commit or tolerant [sexual harassment] offences'. 
The figures show 255 commanders were fired since 2005. 78 were due to sexual harassment cases. In contrast, drug and alcohol issues cost only 27 commanders their jobs [a ratio of nearly 10:1]. Rear Admiral John Kirby said: 'personal conduct is a growing reason why commanding officers are losing their jobs. We don't understand it'.  
Ethical lapses rather than operational failures fare a growing factor in firings. Anu Bhagwati of the Service Women's Action Network said: 'there is a heightened focus on the issue now more than ever but there is not deterrent'. The figures reflect only officers in command. It doesn't include hundreds of officers fired from non-command roles". 

[ANA Comment: This is a politically correct article written by a biased observer. What is she not saying? Men make natural soldiers. Women do not. Women want power so invade men's 'space', including the military. Men resent this but such sentiments are now illegal so they are sacked. She admits more men are being stripped from the US military than Al Qaeda or Saddam Hussein could ever have managed to kill. American institutions, and  military, are dying the 'death of a thousand cuts' due to their tolerance of fools, aliens and degenerates - such as 'women-who-want-to-be-men'. ] 

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