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STORM 97 Octobis 2011

        No. 97             Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action             Octobis 2011
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only.

STORM gets information from ‘insiders’, SCUTTLEBUTT. We can’t confirm their stories:

POLICE JUDO @1.4.2011: We met a family who all practice martial arts. The father does Judo & Ju-jitsu, the older daughter Hap-kido (from Korea) & Tai-Kwando. Now all do Krarv Magah(?) an Israeli fighting style. Is taught at Hendra State High School at night classes. The mother told us: “Is full on! They come at you with knives, bottles, iron bars!” Her son is a Brisbane police officer. He complained the Aggressive Behaviour Management training the Police Academy teach is ’a joke’. He tried all the styles used by his family before moving onto the IDF style. ’The IDF have knowledge gained from its many wars’”. [Unlike the Asian martial arts which are defensive, the IDF style is offensive. RE].

@3.8.2011: ROCK N ROLL CONTACT: “I’ve got a friend who p-lays in the rock band, The Resin Dogs. Before that he played in Pendulum & before that he played in Wolfmother [Australia’s top selling rock band in 2010]. He got sacked from Wolfmother. They all did. Wolfmother toured the US in 2010. Then the US parent record company said: ’frizzy hair’ [the lead singer] - you can stay. The rest of you? Go home!’ So they were replaced”. [So much for our cultural exports. Australian actresses like Naomi Watts only gets to work after she married Chosen US actor Leiv Schreiber. They still own our souls. They won’t let us work. RE].

@22.8.2011: WATER IN CHINA: An Anglo-Australian divorcee who recently returned from China. “My new [Chinese] wife told me not to drink the tap-water while I was there but I didn’t listen. She has a high-rise apartment in Shanghai. She won’t even drink Chinese bottled water. She boils it & even then only uses it to cook her vegetables. She prefers bottled water from France. I drank the local bottled water & wished I hadn’t. I was sick for three days with gastric & diarea”. [He met her over the internet. She wanted ’a father for my son’ who was trying to enter an Australian university but could not get residency. So he got his mother to ’trawl the ’Net for a new husband. I walks our friend. Since she flew to Australia in 2010 to marry him she has not returned. Why? First it was ‘she has a business to run in Shanghai’. Next it was: ‘she has a sick, aged father’  to care for. Once was whites would buy their second wife cheap from Thailand or the Philippines. Now it is China. Dupe! RE].

25.8.2011 @ SOMALI CONTACT: “The pirates in Benin [West Coast of Africa] now hold 15 ships. They’re different from our [Somali] boys. There they take the cargo, off load it then ransom the ships once they have the ship’s three senior crew held in a secure location. Unlike our boys the Beninese never target oil tankers. Why? They’ve got no oil refinery in Benin. What would be the point? Our boys captured two oil tankers off Oman recently. Their reach is widening”.

@2.9.2011: SOMALI CONTACT: “Uganda are to send an additional 4,000 troops to Mogadishu. South Africa will send 6,000 more troops. But as part of the African Union forces”
[Both are Christian countries. Somalia is Muslim: a culture war? RE].

@7.9.2011: A PRIVATE SECURITY CONTACT: “Wormald Security [Australia’s largest security company] was bought by Indians in  2008. Straight away they began importing security staff direct from India. Now 30% of their staff are from India. Crazy Clark‘s [Australia‘s largest chain of discount retail stores] were sold to an Indian company in 2008. They pushed up the prices so now it is more expensive than Coles & Woolworths. They’re going broke!”

SOUTHERN REFUGEE: “I was a patient at a hospital in Western Sydney [a large slum]. I went outside to sit on a bench to get some fresh air. Thee was this vending machine. Cars kept pulling up. People would jump out buy something then jump back into their cars & take off. Some of them were acting really wonky. In between car stops I wandered over to have a look: It was a needle dispenser! So they were all druggos. But…I counted dozens of them!”

SHOCKED WHITE: I lived in Sweden 25 years ago. I returned six years ago for a visit. They’d changed so much. A once proud people has been humbled. How? I asked my friends there. They were embarrassed at first but admitted: ’its because of the Iranis’ - what they call all Muslims. Years ago they allowed in too many Muslim refugees. Now the Swedes are becoming very hardened but are also rejecting their own culture. They ask their governments the same question we do: ’why can’t we close the doors?’”.

ALIEN HOSPITAL STAFF: A patient told us what he’d overheard from Qld Health doctors. “Two female Asian doctors were conferring about a patient they’d just seen. One says to the other. ‘so what you think is wrong with him?’ The other replies: ‘he is a vampire’. ‘No‘, says the first, ‘I’ve seen the movie. He is certainly not a vampire’. Later I heard three doctors talking. One male Asian & two white females. Male: ‘you know of Captain Cook?’ The first bimbo replies ‘he‘s a good guy?’ Male: ‘No, not really’. Bimbo One: ‘Oh, that’s right - he lost his hand!’ Male: ‘Huh?! No! That‘s Captain Hook’. B2: ‘Who?’ B1: ‘He was in Peter Pan’. Puzzled male: ‘Hey, you should know all this!’ I was left wondering what sort of treatment I could expect from these oddballs”.

@17.9.2011 U.S. CONTACT: “America has thousands of Cambodian H’mong. They fought for the US in the Vietnam War so were allowed to migrate in the 1980’s. But they never settled down. Many are in gaol. One  attacked a group of US hunters several years ago. These eight whites were in a ‘hide’ waiting for prey when a H’mong arrived & starting stalking the prey instead. They yelled out: ‘hey buddy, this is private property!’ He opened fire. He hunted own & killed six of them. How? They were all armed but refused to fire on an Asian as they feared being seen as racist. The System had so thoroughly disarmed them they chose death rather than  defend themselves. That’s what’s happening to the entire white race across the Western world”.

@ 21.9.2011 NSW PRAWNS: A older citizen: “I met a guy from a pawning factory in Northern NSW. He told us its cheaper to ship Australian prawns to China to be peeled & tinned than to do it here. So they closed down the NSW factory. Are the Chinese taking over? Why should I care! It won‘t affect me. But It’ll be bad for the kids of today. Soon the Chinese will own everything” [selfish older Australian are happy to mortgage our children‘s future to fund their present. RE].

@22.9.2011 CATHOLIC SCHOOLING: “My daughter goes to Murray McScollop Catholic High School (sic). Cath-Ed [Roman Catholic Education Office] are very p.c. [politically correct]. They sent us a survey recently. We were expected to say things like ‘we’re so sorry for being white & racist’. No way! There are only 500 girls at MMCHS but it’s a terrible place. MMCHS got a recent influx of Africans. This, added to the many Maoris, Samoans & Tongans - those three together are a powder-keg! - then there’s the Saudis with their full face veils, plus the other Muslims. The minority are whites & Asians - Koreans, Chinse & Japanese. They just try to stay out of the way of the warring racial groups. But the African girls - they’re terrifying“. We asked: “is your daughter being brainwashed into accepting the multicultural?” “No way! I re-educate her every night”.

ABCTV News 7pm Moonday 14 Mars 2011:
“Queensland government has increased penalty for animal cruelty from two to seven years gaol. Premier Anna Bligh: ‘sends a message – cruelty to animals is unacceptable’ ”. RSPCA agrees.

RSPCA – GREEN POLICE: What’s going on? A Brisbane man was recently gaoled for five years mistreating his cat. Our guns were taken off us in 1997. Man couldn’t afford $400 veterinarians charge so drowned cat in a bathtub. RSPCA, the Green Party’s ‘police force’, prosecuted him. Last week he ‘appealed the severity of his sentence. RSPCA announced, via ABCTV News, they wanted to ‘send a message’ & ‘demanded the court ‘reject his right to appeal’. RSPCA want him to get seven years! RSPCA are no longer some fluffy organisation that runs animal shelters.

As happened in NSW under the ALP in the 1990’s the Green Party infiltrated & took over this previously benign do-gooder outfit turning it into their ‘police’ arm, seeking out & destroying any who opposed Green policy. Where cruelty did not exist the RSPCA invents it, typical of all Socialist regimes. ABC News function in all this is pivotal. ALP & Green Party allies formulate policy. Their ‘mates’ in the Ultra-Left ABC, a publicly-funded broadcaster costing AUD$500 million per year, package this policy for public consumption. The masses swallow it, no matter how bitter. What’s the wider political context?

RIGHT TO LIFE – ANIMALS OR HUMANS? STORM were invited to attend RTL rally in mid-Februa 2011. Organisers oppose full-term abortion, partial-birth abortion & the full legalization of child murder. Who wanted all this legalised? Qld Premier, Ultra-Leftist Anna Bligh. Her proposed law is a copy of the same law passed by the Ultra-Left Victorian ALP government in early 2009. It was to be introduced into the Qld Parliament Novembis 2010. At that time Qld was hit with eleven weeks of solid rain, culminating in the catastrophic floods across 94% of the State. Beginning in Novembis 2010 this ended with the so-called Brisbane Deluge of 11.1.2011.

In Novembis 2010 Bligh's popularity rating was only 22%. ALP/Left-controlled/ABC News reported she faced a ‘spill motion’ from within her own party over the 2010 Christmas break. ABC predicted she’d be ‘gone’ within four months. Compounding her unpopularity within the ALP was her resolute determination to sell all State assets to recoup AUD $15 billion her government had squandered. Is the same ALP government that for 20 years have rejected calls to build a single new dam despite a State population increase of 25%. Many projected severe water shortages, resulting in the 2009 drought.

Yet Bligh, ‘in bed’ electorally with the Green Party whose preferences put the ALP into power at every election since 1989, did nothing. So by early 2011 Qld had a weakened ALP government, its leader Bligh facing the sack for her widely unpopular decision to flog State assets to foreign companies; increasing water shortages due to the Greens choke-hold on the electoral process; a bill threatening to prosecute any doctors or nurses who refused to murder children due to these, as in Victoria, now being a ‘routine procedure’. Then came the floods.

By Mars 2011, 94% of Qld, 70 of our 73 Regional Councils, were declared ‘disaster areas’. Perversely, this temporarily saved Bligh. When month-long, state-wide floods reached capital, Brisbane, on 11.1.2011 Bligh took an imaginative approach & appeared on live TV for three days & nights talking non-stop to the public. Did nothing but talk. Took a leaf out of the media book on 9-11 and since where the frightened public all turn on their TV for child-like reassurance & information. Instead are greeted instead by a army of babblers who say little of any value but whose incessant blather offers comfort: ‘don’t worry – we’re in control’ is the media subtext. Worked for 9/11. Now worked for Bligh.

For a while. By Februa 2011 her ramshackle government, on the verge of collapse in Novembis 2010, had reached unheard of levels of popularity. By doing? Nothing. Was all just talk. But it gave her the confidence to return to her previous palns of selling all & full legalisation of child murder. AUD$15 billion worth of state assets were sold but the floods did AUD$15 billion worth of damage – nine billion in public assets such as roads, rail, bridges etc & five billion in private assets. So all the wonderful promises of what she would use the sale money for were now washed away, literally.

And Bligh did – nothing but talk. To the dumbed-down public in Februa 2011 it seemed enough. By Augustus 2011 Bligh had returned to her pre-flood levels of unpopularity as the public again saw thooroguh her baffle-gab, but in Februa 2011 it looked as if she might use the temporary fillip in her ratings to ‘seize the moment’. Right to Lifers of Cherish Life called an urgent rally to warn her off. It worked. Their fear Bligh would use her ‘unprecedented’ popularity to force through the child murder bill saw 1,000 turn up. Our rally, & a media blitz of marginal ALP seats, managed to halt her - for now.

GOD OF CREATION: Readers may glimpse a spiritual dimension to all this. Was pointed out to us that Victoria passed their child murder law in early 2009. Within four weeks they suffered Black Saturnsday Fires which killed 210 people & scorched 510,000 acres of rural land. These unstoppable fires were seen by many Christians as the ‘Hand of God’ showing His disapproval. When the identical law was tabled in the Qld Parliament our flooding rains began. Started in late Novembis 2010. Continued night & day for 11 weeks. Flooded every inch of Qld. Ended when our three largest SE Qld cities – Toowoomba, Ipswich & Brisbane – were inundated. For believers this was sign enough: GOD was warning us not to repeat the sin of the Victorians. Bligh still has not moved for a vote on the bill.

In Australian Parliament’s a bill has to be presented or ‘tabled’ before it can be voted on. The Left Victorian s used this trick: they ‘tabled’ their bill in Nov. 2008 on the last day of sitting before the Christmas break. Then they passed it in Janus 2009, on the first day back. No debate. Bligh hoped to copy this trick. Our rally & the rains prevented it.

FLOOD IRONY: Bligh sold off AUD $15 billion of State assets, paid for by the taxpayers & held ‘in trust’ by the government. ALP didn’t own them, we did. They’d no right to sell. We paid for them! Now we’ll be asked to pay for what we’ve already paid for. A typical Socialist solution. So we end up paying twice for the same thing. But the floods – Nov 2010 till Janus 2011 – destroyed AUD$ 15 billion worth of public & private property. Private Insurance companies, many owned by the same foreign corporations who were sold the Sates assets, now say they will not pay for flood damage as it was ‘not covered in contracts’.

18,000 homeless families are left with only the State to provide for them. The same State that just sold them out to the foreigner robbers. Irony. The floods destroyed 18,000 dwellings, leaving their owners homeless. By August 2011 the mostly foreign-owned insurance companies were still refusing to pay out any claims. Far North Qld town of Cardwell has lost 120 families who’ve given up hope of pay-outs & tired of living in the ruins. (ABC Radio News 936AM Moonday 1//8//11). Looks like the State will have to pick up the cost of the failed insurance claims.

Not only is the State devastated but the assets which could have generated an income were sold. The money to restore basic infrastructure – roads, schools, hospitals, railroads - must now be borrowed – from the foreign banks who owned the insurance companies who refuse to pay out on flood claims. See how the Reds underwrite their Capitalist enemies? All this is a financial disaster. How is it that after three days of TV talking Bligh was rated by the public as ‘the best Qld Premier ever’. What nonsense. Bligh is a crooked Commie; the ALP are evil; the murder of the innocents may become legal but cats & dogs will be safe. Such is ALP atheistic rule.

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