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STORM 98 Novembis 2011

        No. 98             Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action             Novembis 2011
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only.

STORM gets information from ‘insiders’, SCUTTLEBUTT. We can’t confirm their stories:

EDUCATION FOR OUR OWN DEMISE:  Recent sentences for murder in Qld have received only 18 months gaol. It is clear we are ruled by a government of demons. Who value animals more than people. Their ‘value system’ is entirely upended. Given 30 years of ALP control of public education its no wonder the Greens have 11% of the popular vote & now electorally underpin ALP governments in Qld, Tasmania, South Australia & Federally. Is a direct result of ALP-education union policies. Same result is seen in pro-queer polls & pro-refugee policies. Public are choosing parties which will destroy the country because the education unions that control ‘education’ have the masses brainwashed into seeing the corrupt elites’ goals & theirs as the same.

How do we expose this illogic? As shown 2,000 years ago in the Christian Scriptures:
“let us no more be children tossed to & fro with every wind of doctrine [or policy] by the wiles of men who with cunning craftiness lie in wait to deceive the innocent” (Ephesians 4 v 14).

Teachers seek to ‘deceive’ those in their care. Why? To lead them astray with ‘cunning craftiness’. In short the demons who rule both the ALP & its mis-education unions seek our ruin. How will this end? “The Wicked One will be revealed…(8) Him whose coming is after the workings of Satan (9)  he will deceive them that perish for they loved not the truth (10) so for this reason GOD sent them a strong delusion that they should believe the lie (11) that they might be damned who seek not truth but take pleasure in evil” (12) )II Thessalonians 2 v 8-12).

Educated to believe lies the masses then logically choose liars are to rule them & agree with lying policies. Equality of the races, of the sexes, homosexuality is ‘OK’. You claim it; they believe it. By this you will now the ‘saved’ from the ‘damned’. The saved seek truth regardless of the cost. The damned seek lies & believe these only. Why do so few agree with Right policies? Why do so many embrace anti-racism & ‘gay rights’? They are damned.

National Geographic magazine June 2009 (Vice Presidents Mark Bauman & Daniel Edleson; TV President Michael Rosenfeld).  (p.25):
“US WWII artifacts continue to emerge from the Hurtgen Forest scene of a bloody battle that saw some 31,000 US casualties. The Pentagon’s Joint POW-MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) estimates 84,711 soldiers, airmen, sailors & marines from WWII onwards remain missing in Europe, SE Asia & the South Pacific”.
[America’s global empire has cost much blood. Was it worth it to fight for Wall Street? RE].

(p.78-97) ‘Christian Exodus from the Holy Land – The Forgotten Faithful, Arab Christians’ by Don Belt & Ed Kashi.
“Huddled alongside Jewish converts in the caves of Palestine & Syria, Arabs were among the first to be persecuted for the new faith, the first to be called Christians. It was her In the Levant – a geographical area including Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel & Palestine – that hundreds of churches & monasteries were built after Constantine, emperor of Rome, legalised Christianity in 313 & declared his Levantine provinces holy land. Even after Arab Muslims conquered the region in 638 it remained predominantly Christian. 
It was during the Crusades (1095-1291) that Arab Christians slaughtered along with Muslims by the crusaders & caught in the crossfire between Islam & the Christian West began a long steady retreat into the minority. Today native Christian communities have dwindled in the past century from 25% to 8% of the population as the current generation leaves for economic reasons & to escape the region’s violence. Their departure deprives the Levant of its best educated citizens & the most politically moderates – people these societies can least afford to lose. 
Mark a Palestinian Christian from Bethlehem, west Bank, says: ‘80% of the Christian guys I grew up with have left for another country to find work’. Mark, a trained sociologist has been unemployed for two years. He calls the West Bank a science experiment. ‘You’re surrounded by this giant wall & there are no jobs. If you keep rats in an enclosed space & make it smaller & smaller every day & introduce new obstacles & constantly change the rules, after a while the rats go crazy & start eating each other. It’s like that here’. 
When Mark tried to wash his car the water did not work. He was outside with the kids, Nate & Nadia, with his wife Lisa watching. Why no water? ‘They’ve turned off our water’ he says gesturing to the new Israeli settlement on a nearby hill, ‘and turned the pipes on for them. No more water for us’. Lisa tries to explain this to the kids. She then says: ‘I hate the Israelis. I really hate them. We all hate them. Even young Nate’s starting to hate them’. ‘Isn’t that a sin?’ asks Don Belt(J). ‘Yes it is’ she replies. 
[Our emphasis. Lisa is WRONG. Chosen use tricks to restrain Christian minions. Read the Chosen Scriptures. Learn the truth. Hate evil – just as GOD does. See Psalm 139. 21-22]. 
The 196,500 Palestinian & Israeli Arab Christians have dropped from 13% of the population in 1894 to only 2% today. They occupy a uniquely oxygen starved space between traumatised Israeli Jews & traumatised Palestinian Muslims whose rising militancy sometimes targets Arab Christians. Razek Siriani who works for the Middle East Council of Churches says: ‘we’re outnumbered & surrounded by angry voices’. He says Western Christians make matters worse. 
Many Arab Christians agree. ‘It’s because of what Western Christians, led by the US, are doing in the East’ including the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, US support for Israel & the threat of ‘regime change’ by the Bush Administration. ‘To many Muslims this looks like the Crusades all over again. Because we’re Christian they see us as enemies, too’. Every Arab Christian family is debating whether to migrate.
Mark has a brother in San Diego where he lived & worked till 2004. Living as Arabs in the US after 9/11 was a n eye-opener, he says: ‘American s had never heard of Arab Christian. They assume all Arabs are Muslim – terrorists - & that Christianity was invented in Italy. One women said to me ‘what did your parents think about you becoming a Christian? I bet they were very upset!’ 
Lebanon’s Marionite Christians are followers of 4th century hermit monk, St Marion. When he died in 410 his followers battled rival sects over theological issues. After the arrival of Islam, they opposed Muslims, too. Fleeing persecution they pushed into the mountains from Syria to Lebanon where they sort out the most inhospitable valleys, fortified their caves & monasteries & set about defending themselves from the caliph’s armies. 
In the 11th century when French crusaders marched through on their way to Jerusalem Marionites poured out of the mountains to greet them. 800 years later France took charge of Syria & Lebanon at the end of WWI. It repaid the Marionites by creating the future nation of Lebanon to their advantage. Speaking French & nurturing a cultural affinity for Europe the Marionites alone among Arab Christians, were the majority in a Middle Eastern country in 1943. 
More recently they have been amongst the most feared militia fighters in Lebanon’s civil wars – waging fierce campaigns against the Shiite, Sunni, Druze & Palestinians between 1975 & 1990. But today after decades of migration, they too are a minority. They are only 40% of Lebanon’s population. So have formed alliances with the ascendant Shiite group, Hezbollah. Also with a coalition of Sunnis & Druze. 
The Christian militias have gone underground. Liliane Geagea, a Marionite shopkeeper in Bcharre, says: ‘everyone is saving their money to leave this crazy place. So am I. I’m exhausted. So are my family. When my daughter finishes at Uni I will tell her: go to America, Europe or Australia, it doesn’t matter where. Just go & take me with you’. Many others, like 40 year old Milad Assaf, a member of the Lebanese Forces Christian militia, don’t have that option. ‘We still have our weapons but these days the Shiites have more. They have everything – all supplied by Iran. If it turns to a shooting war, we’ll lose’. 
“When the Muslim Caliph Omar conquered Syria from the Christian Byzantine Empire in 636AD he at first protected Christian subjects, allowing them to keep their churches & worship as they pleased. Many Christians converted to Islam preferring its emphasis on a personal connection to GOD to the oppressive hierarchies of the then church. Early Islam accepted both the Old & New Testaments, esteemed Jewish prophets & venerated both Jesus & the Virgin Mary. 
Many Christians, including the theologian St John Damascene, concluded Islam was just another of the many Christians heresies then sweeping Byzantium. It never occurred to them Islam was a separate religion. When later caliphs imposed heavy taxes on Christians conversions soared".
(Graph & map on p.87):
“As a percentage of the Levant’s total population. Christians were 24.5% in 1882, 26.5% in 1914, 19.1% in 1945 & now only 8.7% in 2007. In 2007 the Christian populations were: Egypt: 8.2 million; Gaza Strip: 2,500; West Bank: 73,000; Israel: 121,000; Lebanon: 1.5 million; Syria: 1 million; Jordan 258,000”.
(complied by Jerome N.Cooksen & Marguerite B. Hunsiker. Sources M.R.Izady & P.Fargues)

ABCTV Australian Story: ‘House of Gold’ 8pm Moonday 23 Mai 2011:
Ex Prod Deborah Fleming-Bauer(J).
“Emile Sherman(J) won Best Producer at the 83th [2011] Academy Awards for The Kings Speech. His parents Brian & Jean fled South Africa in 1975 as they had ‘found the country morally offensive due to apartheid’ (sic). Emile’s grandfather had migrated to South Africa from Lithuania in 1910 ‘due to persecution’ (sic). Brian Sherman & his friend Lawrence Friedman travelled to New York City in 1985 hoping to raise US$60 million for Equitylink, their brokerage firm. Instead they got US$ 860 million.  
After much financial success in 2005 Brian retired. He sold his share in Equitylink for $152 million. Once retired he decided to devote his millions to animal welfare. He made his daughter managing director of his charity, Voiceless. 
Brian: “Ondine became a vegan at age 8, so I followed. We founded Voiceless in 2004 to give a voice to pigs & chickens. We employed Australia’s first animal rights lawyer. Now we have ten. Why found Voiceless? We put creatures into cages & play GOD with them: we’re not to do that!”
[A Chosen who refutes GOD’s granting of “dominion over the whole earth” (Genesis 1.26) is a fool & not to be listened to (Proverbs 15.21). RE].
"Writer Edmund Capon is a friend of Brian’s.The Kings Speech starred Geoffrey Rush (J). It received four 12 Academy Award nominations & won four Oscars including Best Picture. Emile received the statue personally from Steven Spielberg(J). Emile’s previous films included Wogboys; Kings of Mikanos; Disgrace; Rabbit Proof Fence & Candy”.
[Rabbit Proof Fence is a notorious tax-payer funded ‘anti-racist’ film alleging white abuse of Abos in the 1930’s. Is being hawked around Europe by Abo activists hoping to smear Australia’s reputation. Seems this Chosen ‘family’ desire to undermine & overthrow white rule of Australia as they achieved in South Africa. Remember: the only Chosen ‘art’ is for lies & cunning. RE]

BBC World Service ‘On Assignment’ 5am c/- 936AM Solday 5 Juno 2011 (55 minutes):
Reporter Ed Butler: “We visit West Hollywood where 85% of the world’s pornographic films are made. Activists claim 66% of porn stars have sexually transmitted diseases such as clamydia, HPE & gonorrrrrehea which they obtained in the industry. One such activist is former porn actress Shelley Lubin(J). After performing in 30 films she found she had both clamidia & HPE. She attempted suicide. After that she sought to reform the industry.
SB: “I can tell you the industry feeds on fresh flesh. It needs these new kids. They don’t know their rights. Some slick producer will say to them: ‘you’re sooo beautiful! I just want to do a calendar shoot’. They get you to sign a contract you can’t understand, then force you to have anal sex. They frighten you to stay in the industry. They say: ‘you signed a contract, you have to do whatever we say’. You’re just some dumb kid. You don’t know any different”.
EB: “But many actresses tell us they are happy.”
SL: “Ha! They’re trained to lie. And if they’re so happy why is everyone on set on drugs, legal prescription drugs? I can give you the names of the doctors who supplied them”
EB:” What would you like to see done to the industry?”
SL: “Firstly, compulsory use of condoms. Force the industry to comply with California’s Occupational Health & Safety laws”.
EB:” but the producers say they’ll leave California.”
SL : “And go where?! They’ve been saying that for two years. Where’re they gonna go? That would be human trafficking. Its illegal. I’d like to see them move all those druggies overseas?! That I would love to see! I told Steve Hirsch [a Chosen producer]: ‘go to Mexico! I’m sure The Cartel would love to get a piece of your industry. No, they’re not going anywhere. The clients for the escorts are Hollywood directors, producers, actors. The talent: they only perform on the promise that one day they’ll ‘make it’ in Hollywood which is right next door. What? Ya gonna haul 'em all out into da desert? They won’t go. I told Hirsch: ‘you’ve been f---king everyone else for years; now it’s their turn to f—k you!’ 
EB: “We talked with Hustler publisher Larry Flint(J), an icon in the industry”.
LF: “you can’t use condoms. They don’t sell. Films that use condoms - nobody wants to see them. I won’t watch them. It’s been tried. It didn’t sell. I provide a legitimate service. It’s just sex. Moses freed the Jews. I’m here to free the neurotics”.
EB: “So if you’re forced to use condoms by CALOSH (California’s Occupational Health & Safety department)?”
LB: “We’ll leave California!” 
EB: “And go where? Into the desert?!”
LF: OK. We’re not leaving - but we’re not wearing condoms either”.
EB: “There is a lack of political will to enforce existing laws.
EB: “We asked two porn stars about ‘escorts’ [porn stars moonlighting as prostitutes]. One said: “it’s killing the industry. There used to be this mystique: ‘gee, I wish I could have a girl as beautiful as that porno star’. But now, for the right money, you CAN have that porn star”. 
EB: “do you know any stars who do escorts?” Male: “Yes. Most do. They come back from ’working’ with someone who is not monitored for sexual diseases & then get straight back into work – with you. It is a concern”.   
EB: “What about relationships? Do stars ‘date’ each other?” Male star: “We do but for no more than 30 days. It’s too stressful. People just can’t trust each other’ ”. 
EB: “We were allowed on the set of the film Star Trek New Generation XXX & talked with female star Bobby Starr at 1am after she’d just completed a four-hour sex scene. Most films are shot in less than three days”.
BS: “What do I think of the adult film (sic) industry? I love it! I grew up in a religious home. I trained to be principal oboeist in a symphony orchestra. I could be earning US$200,000 a year”.
EB: “But you prefer to be here?”
BS: “I love it!”
DVD REVIEWS: Two films regarded as ‘cult classics’ by Leftist arts crowd are Donnie Darko & Trainspotting. These were in our local Blockbuster video rental store under the category of ‘100 films you have to see’. Both are revered & influential, thus worth us reviewing them.

DONNIE DARKO: Anchor Bay Films. 2001. 113 minutes. Stars Jake Gyllenhaal & Drew Barrymore; Producer Sean McKittrick; Exec. Prod. Drew Barrymore; Writer/Director Richard Kelly.

Life & fantasies of a paranoid, schizophrenic teenager at an upper class Catholic private school & living in an elite suburb. As such it is a similar milieu to Sofia Copolla’s The Virgin Suicides which we reviewed recently. Beautiful white youths living empty, vacuous lives that end only in self-destruction. Hollywood wants out young people dead, hopefully by their own hand.

TRAINSPOTTING: Made in UK by Channel Four Films & Universal Studios 2003. 94 minutes.
Stars Ewan McGregor; Producer Andrew McDonald; Director Danny Boyle; Writer John Hodge
Based on the book by Irvine Welsh.
Someone warned us: “its not about trains!” No, its about the life & deaths of a groups of heroin addicts in Scotland in the 1980s. Very bleak, tawdry, shocking vile foul mouthed. The sort of people you send off to war hooping they’ll get killed. A miserable film. That wallows in its own filth. Yes, I had nightmares from this one imagining some of these white trash were living in my suburb. What sort of audience watches such self-abnegating(?) sewerage? What a sad world when whites destroying themselves is lauded on the DVD cover as ‘the best British film of the decade’. We wonder at the plague of foul films promoting white self-destruction. What role models do our children have?

Why is there not one film to inspire & give them hope? Can we suggest one? Why not a film about the adventures of the 1st SS Panzer Division on the Eastern Front, 1941-44? Or the truth story of life amongst the guards at Auschwitz? What about a history of 29th SS Division Charlemagne, the only all French unit? Or the several Russian & Ukrainian SS divisions? Let us see WWII from the other side. Why? This editor recently had an odd experience with an old Italian. In discussing dates of birth, turned out the old man was born 7 December 1941. We said: “Pearl Harbour Day! [When the Japs bombed America's Pacific Fleet]”.

“No,” said our new pro-Axis friend: “that’s the day the Italian Air Force began bombing Australian-Occupied Tobruk. Also the day the British sank the ship my uncle was on, killing him”.

His uncle died under Allied attack in a re-supply convoy to North Africa. Was shocking to realise what we call 'history' is seen through the eyes they gave us at school, eyes of British/US imperialism. So we recommend Das Boot, found in the ‘100 must see films’ section of our local video rental store. About WWII U-boat crews it stars Jurgen Procknow. Slammed on release for ‘glorifying & humanising Nazis'. 'Humanise? These are Uber-men! Not some comic book creation but men of flesh & blood who strove in desert & snow to change our world. We now only live in their shadow. We watch as our colonial outposts are rolled back, one by one, without a fight. Deny the glories of our past & we'll be swallowed by a mulatto future. It need not be so.

ABCTV Art Nation 445pm Solday 19 Juno 2011:
Dr Vanessa Wash(J): “I went to Cabramatta on a photo-journalist assignment. I’d heard Cabra’ was Sydney’s most multicultural suburb with over 120 languages spoken there. It had this reputation as a place for drugs & violent street crime. I just knew that had to be old news (sic). And it was. I walked down a crowded street on market day. Mine was the only white face there. It felt incredible!”
[Our first comment was: why'd this Chosen want to feel that way?! A fellow observed: “if she hadn’t the ABC never would have let here on the show”. True, but odd. Is this what motivates whiggers to destroy our white nation? Want to be surrounded by non-whites? Migrate to the 3rd World! RE].

FSN News 99.7FM 6am Saturnsday 2 Juli 2011:
Reporter Simon Marx: “ The New York Times has a scoop that prosecutors against Dominique Strauss-Kahn(J), former IMF chief, are having grave doubts about the testimony of the alleged rape victim. They say she has consistently lied to them. She is in contact with a convicted drug dealer. He has encouraged her to pursue the charges. She also lied on her application for asylum in the US. Mr Strauss-Kahn’s defence team are urging the court to reduce the charges against him”.

Reporter Ollie Barrett: The British government has urged employers to give jobs to young Britons. This after figures emerged showing 90% of the 400,000 jobs created in Britain this year went to citizens of other EU countries. Employers demand the right to employ whomever they choose & say young Britons lack the skills they find in Eastern Europeans.
[Blame a dumbed-down education system, altered to suit the dumbed-down non-whites. As in the US an ‘inclusive’ system means a non-white system, unfit for ruling a white country. RE]

BBC World Service c/- 936AM ABC News Radio 5am Solday 3 Juli 2011:
Reporter Gabriel Gatehouse: “troops loyal to Colonel Qadafi are holding the mountains passes 90km south of the capital against a rebel advance. These rebels of the Western Mountains are Berber. They say they are determined to end repression of their culture & language. The battle in the Marfusa Mountains, near Bir Hanaim, is for control of the desert plains & access to the capital".

“Syrian President sacked governor of Hama after 500,000 protesters were allowed to march free of interference from security forces”.

“Greece has arrested captain of a boat which planned to ‘run’ Israel’s Gaza blockade”.

“Two protests have erupted in Bahrain calling for the king to stand down”.

“A Tibetan writer has been gaoled for four years in Sichuan, which has a large Tibetan population”.

BBC ‘Discovery’ programme 540am c/- ABC News Radio 936AM Solday 3 Juli 2011:
Reporter Sue Broom: “Dr Lawrence Tylie of Cambridge Uni is working on genetically modified animals. The first strand is GM chickens who are Bird Flu [H5N1] resistant. The work is being done at the Roslyn Institute, Edinburgh by Dr Helen Tsang. There we see her green, ‘glow in the dark’ chickens & pigs. The GM effect so far is preventing the spread of the flu from infected birds to un-infected birds".
Dr Whitelaw: ‘people are emotional about warm & furry animals in a way they are not about potatoes. This is not rational. We have to prove there is a benefit to consumers from GM food or they won’t accept them’. The EU plans to allow GM fishes & mice as pets first. Other animals may follow, depending on public acceptance”.

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