Friday, 24 January 2014

SNIPPETS #13 EU & US plot Ukraine Coup?

BBC World Service 5am Thorsday 23 Januar 2014: Reporter Daniel Sanford(J):
"The first two deaths were recorded last night at the Ukrainian Parliament, where protesters attempted to storm it following new anti-protest laws being passed last night. The two died from bullet wounds. Police continue to be pelted with cobblestones and petrol bombs. European leaders express shock at the violence but blamed 'Kremlin agents'."
How simple-minded these EU wonks believe the public to be! The Aktion by EU & US agents is a carbon copy of the 1999 coup against Serbia's President Slobodan Milosevic and by the same people, the CIA and MI6. They tried to do the same in Libya and Syria. 

Stage One is large-scale public demonstrations by paid stooges pretending to be 'civil society groups'. Trained and funded for by billionaire Geo Soros' these groups provoke a violent response from local security forces, then play the victim till Stage Two: their 'armed struggle' stage takes over. This is why Putin banned 'overseas funding' for such traitors in 2010. So in Russia they never got beyond Stage One. 

What's their overall game plan? EU showed its true, ugly face after the Ukrainians refused to join. Is now clear to all Eastern Europe's they must join the RU 'voluntarily or be destroyed by internal subversion'. Either way, they lose. Serbia committed no crimes in 1999 but were targeted simply for being a symbol of resistance to EU/NATO imperialism. 

Just as in the 12th century Teutonic Knights saw Eastern Europe as fertile ground for their rule so too do today's EU neo-colonialists. Seem crazy? Look at the words used by US Secretary of State Jon Kerry-Cohen today towards the latest victim of Stage Two, Assad, President of a Baathist/Socialist Syria: 'there's no place on earth for Assad'. 

Same words were used in 2003 and 2011 against the now murdered Presidents of Baathist Iraq and Socialist Libya. These types of regimes are not just targeted for 'regime change' but death and dissolution. Don't believe the Western media that the 'chaos' of Libya, Yemen and Egypt was not planned from the outset of the Arab Spring

Realise each and every EU and US elected 'official' is merely a paid hireling, a tool of global corporations. These see the world as simply barren ground, Terra Nullius for them to plow up and exploit. Backed by the world's largest nuclear power, what the NY Times calls: 'the sole remaining superpower', who is able to oppose them?  

Calling all nationalists! Don't wait till the CIA/MI6 circus comes to your town - oppose them now, on the Ukrainian Front. Form your own local: 'defend the Ukraine from EU subversion & NATO aggression' Committee. A victory there will save your tomorrow.  

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