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STORM 91 Apri 2011

        No. 91                 Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action                  Apri 2011
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only.

SCUTTLEBUTT: Told to STORM @ 15 Octobis 2010: 62 year old who’d just survived a heart attack. “Two years ago I was a Sales Manager for a major Co. when the boss’ daughter graduated from Uni. She needed a job so the boss told me: ‘train her up! Tell her everything’. I did. Next thing I know the girl has my job. I got demoted to store-man in the warehouse, packing boxes for the freight department. I was so ashamed I quit. After a year they were in such a mess they asked me to return but I refused”.

ABC Radio 792AM 4am repeats of ‘Late Nite Live’ Sol 5 Decembis 2010 (30 minutes): Philip Adams(J) interviews Robert Fisk(J) of London Independent live from Algiers. Recorded April 1995.
“How dangerous is it here? Worse than Beirut in the 1980’s. There they queried you first then kidnapped you. Here any ‘foreigner’ [i.e. WHITE] is killed on the spot. I only go into parts of Algiers the Capital with a heavily armed escort of Gendarmes and only for two minutes. After that the Commander will say: ‘it’s no longer safe’ & we flee. By then you can see the hate on the faces of the people – they want to tear us apart. At night the entire country belongs to the various Islamist factions. 
Last month [March 1995] there was a massacre at Secalju(?) Prison; 95-220 prisoners were killed. Police say they put down a revolt but the Islamists say it was a reprisal for the earlier car bombing of the Central Police HQ which they say killed 100’s. Police only admit a dozen killed. There was a revolt at the prison but Islamists say after it was suppressed the ring-leaders were taken from their cells and executed. Police say 95 died; Islamist say it was 220.
So we have this propaganda war with neither side telling the whole truth. How did the current three year civil war begin? In 1993 the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) was about to win the second round of voting in the first free elections in Algeria’s history. France did not want this so supported a military coup. The second round of voting never took place. It was clear to all the FIS would win the election.
Many in the West believe this is a war against radical Islam by a pro-Western democracy. Even NATO Secretary-General Willy Klas last month called it ‘a part of the global war on Islam which is to replace the Cold War, the global war against Communism’. This is false. We have a ferociously violent and oppressive military dictatorship battling a group who were about to win a democratic election. Overseas, in the West, this is not being accurately portrayed. Last month the Algerian  Opposition-in-Exile met in Rome to formulate a peace plan. This included FIS so the Army rejected it completely. This shattered the Opposition. 
They know the only alternative now is total war. But they are not strong enough to defeat the Army. Why are the Islamists targeting not only the Army, police and government officials for assassination but also foreigners, artists, singers & intellectuals? This is because these groups all openly sided with the military in the lead-up to the elections & since. Why? Algeria fought a savage war of Independence from France. One million died. It involved total massacres and throat slitting - just like now. When it ended the entire Algerian leadership, secular and Islamist, were dead. I believe that is why there is no meaningful leadership on either side, military or Islamist, now.
Those who should have lead were killed by France. French rule was brutal and lasted 132 years. The effects on it are still being felt. When Algeria gained its independence in 1962 brutal French rule was replaced with a socialist government, one that was thoroughly corrupt. The urban elite grew rich but the poor masses, in the countryside, stayed poor. Their only solace was in religion. Only FIS were seen as untainted by corruption. So when the decrepit socialist regime fell in 1993 [after the end of the Cold War] it was replaced by a military regime backed by France.
So why attack artists & intellectuals? Islamists say: ‘we are rule by an alien culture’. French TV shows are beamed in live from France. Their popular music and all main newspapers are in French not Arabic, the language of the majority. The artisan class nominally opposed the oppressive socialist dictatorship and then the military but, when it came to supporting the Islamists, they refused. Many even openly wrote & sang in support of the military regime. This incensed the Islamist who felt betrayed. They now said: ‘support the regime? Then you are a target, too’. So they began killing feminists leader, rock singers, actors: anyone from the intellectual class are seen as enemies.
 Is it an Islamic uprising? I prefer the term Islamist as many other Islamic armed groups are stunned at the savagery here. I met a representative of Hezbollah, who fight Israel in South Lebanon. He asked if the reports are true that FIS murder women. I said: ‘yes’. ‘Then they do not appear to be as mature as us’ he said. Even Al Turabi, Islamic leader in Sudan, agrees. He’s in contact with many FIS leaders but is amazed at their lack of a political agenda. I believe this goes back to the war with France. There is no leadership in Algeria on either side. Those who should have lead the country are long dead”.  
PA: “that was recorded in 1995. By 1996 a sort of peace had been achieved. Elections were held in 1999. [Former Socialist Party leader] Boutaflika has returned to power”.
[Inevitable FIS & Army should clash. Army’s controlled by same corrupt Socialist Party regime whose rule collapsed in 1993 after USSR cut all subsidies. But pro-Left media, not only in Algeria, ignore this. Many other wars resulted from collapse of the Soviet Empire 1989-1995. Across Africa and even Europe – look at the Yugoslav wars 1990-95. In all Western countries media falsified facts. This vile caste, along with actors & eggheads, sell us out to the traitor class who rule us. Should we agree with Islamist & say: ‘Kill them all’? RE].

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