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STORM 94 Juli 2011

        No. 94                Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action                 Juli 2011
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only.

“While I was with [a security agency] we were tasked with training 75 National Police officers from [a Pacific Island nation]. All of them had the nominal rank of ‘sub-inspector’, equal to an Australian Police Constable. Their training took place at [a police Training College] using the Queensland Police Manual &  Queensland Criminal Code. Why? Their country’s justice system had been set up by Queenslanders! I was in the middle of training these Islanders when one night they decided to all get drunk. They got ‘toey’ [aggressive] & began waving pole cues around like spears. We [white trainers] didn’t know how to control them till one of them, a bloke we’d noted as never drinking alcohol, stepped forward. He said to us: ‘let me take over: these people only understand one thing’.

He then asked us to leave the building. Everyone else cleared off but me. I stayed outside, peering in through a side window. As I watched this middle-aged man began barking orders to his colleagues. He told them how they’d embarrassed themselves, their uniform & their country in front of whites. He had all 75 ‘fall in’ for assembly, then slowly walked down the ranks, targeting three ring-leaders. The first he struck a crushing blow to the jaw. Blood shot out of the guy’s mouth. Further down the line he hit a second culprit. Same place, same result. He then moved onto the third. This guy tried to shield his face so instead he got a mighty blow to the gut. Instantly he was coughing up blood. Our non-drinker barked another command, telling several to ‘clean up this mess!’ then ordered all to bed – and they went. I watched in amazement. He came out and asked: ‘Did you see anything?’ I said: ‘No!’ After that we had further trouble with them”.

DVD REVIEW: Tomorrow When The War Began (2010) (110 minutes).
Writer/director Stuart Beattie.. Stars Deniz Akdeniz, Chris Pang & Lincoln Lewis. Based on the book series by John Marsden. The blurb tells it all:
“Ellie & her friends decide to camp for the weekend in the remote bush. When they return their parents have disappeared, their phones are dead & all power is out…while they were away thousands of foreign troops invaded their country. The war has begun. Ellie & her friends must…fight back“.
First of a series of seven popular novels aimed at Australian teenagers, TWTWB is the first to be made into a feature film. The book series is required reading in Qld State & private secondary schools. John Marsden, a noted reformist school teacher, has used his income from the books to found his own, innovative, private school. So is the film any good? As sole Australian film of 2010 and with much positive media promotion, unusual for any Aussie film, we expected great things. Unfortunately we were disappointed but admit to being suspicious. Major fear of white Australia since 1788 has been the ‘Asian Invasion' yet 2.1 million Asians now reside here. Is illegal to mention ‘invasion’ for fear of ‘inciting racial hatred’. So how did this film receive government funding?

We smelled a rat & rightly so. The ‘Asian Invasion’ is only a sub-plot for yet another race-mixing teen pic. Our band of teenage heroes who battle to liberate their small town from a foreign army are miscegenators, a group of limp-wristed whiggers, kick-ass females & aliens. Together they form a ‘united front’, a future New Australia of half-breeds. United we Stand – in Mud. TWTWB abounds with ethnic stereotypes: the loud, brash Greek male; the hard-working Chinese boy; the beautiful blonde bimbo who secretly lusts for the Greek. Of the eight campers conveniently ‘out of town’ when Asians parachute in a la Red Dawn, are Ellie the kick-ass female Rambo lead, three boys and four girls.

While the Greek & Chinese are brave the sole white male is a cowardly whining whimp who quickly surrenders to the Enemy. He is then replaced with a white, male drug-addict. Is clear to see the attitude of the writer to whites: our men are despicable but our women are good broodmares for aliens. The four white girls are left with only a wog & a gook to mate with. They soon begin pairing off. The message is clear: Australia’s future belongs to race-mixing multiculturalists. Throughout the film the girls ridicule white males as weak wimps while the non-whites are shown as brave & resourceful. But if race-mixing is the future why fight the Asian invasion?

This is never made explored although an Asian general explains on their local radio:
“it’s time for Australia to share its abundant resources & space with its less well-off neighbours. This will allow a more well-balanced distribution of wealth in the region”.
A similar sentiment was expressed by the Liberal Party’s John ‘Malcolm’ Fraser, Australian Prime Minister 1975-83. Our controlled Leftist media smeared JMF as ‘racist’ & ‘right-wing’ for his role in toppling the Ultra-Left Whitlam regime, 1972-75. Yet JMF now boasts the title ‘Father of Multiculturalism’. He heads Care Australia, a pro-immigration aid group which sends millions of dollars to the Third World. JMF also founded SBS Radio & TV Networks in 1978 which now broadcast in 36 languages per day. In the same way the Liberal Party’s John Howard, Prime Minister 1995-2007, was smeared by the Left media as ‘racist’ for the 2001 M.V. Tampa affair. Yet while promoting his biography in late 2010 on ABCTV’s Q&A programme he boasted: “I raised Asian immigration to unprecedented heights” from 95,000 per year to 140,000 post-2001.

So what’s going on? South Africans understand. It's been revealed since 1994's black takeover that the last white rulers, denounced by the world’s media as ‘racist’, were happily betraying the white enclave to the ANC & their EU backers. A fraudulent double-game is played by this cynical System. It confounds the many & even some of the Few. It’s end game? Extermination of the White Race. So our opinion to TWTWB is ‘yes’, we support local films but ‘no’ to race-mixing tripe.

ABCTV Nicholas Cranes’ Britannia 10.30am Solday 16 Januar 2010 (55 minutes):
[A fascinating series which re-traces Camden’s famous travelogue, Britannia, written in the 1600s. The show compares Britain then to Britain today. RE]. Writer Tomasz Cebula. Presenter Nicholas Crane. Director Michael Woods for Tern TV & BBC Scotland, 2008.
“Camden wrote during the end of the 500 year long Mini-Ice Age. Its coldest part was 1570-1600 AD when the Thames River froze over. Gypsies arrived in England during the reign of Henry VIII. He executed many. His son Edward branded their backs with ‘V’ for vagabond. Bloody Mary was for executing the lot. Queen Elizabeth offered them the option of ‘giving up their ungodly ways & becoming loyal subjects’. Those who did not were executed. 100 were killed in Darbyshire alone”. [our emphasis]
More proof our so-called Indigenous Australians, the Aborigine, are not. They arrived 700 years ago during the Mini-Ice Age. They walked from Sri Lanka, through Thailand, down Malaysia, across PNG & down Cape York. Following the 1990’s cracking of the gene code we can now trace the mass migrations which took place during the MIA. We can follow Eskimos across the Bering Strait, into North America, down South America, across the Pacific Ocean ending in New Zealand. No, Maoris aren’t ‘indigenous’, either.

Like Abos, they're invaders. As such they have no more morally superior claim to ‘land rights’ than whites. They simply got here before us. In fact, evidence is emerging a white habitation existed here before the arrival - invasion? - by these prehistorics. What happened? They snuffed us. Just as they are in this era. White civilization is unable to fend off the alien inrush.

ABCTV Wallace & Gromit’s World of Invention 6.30pm Solday 16 Januar 2010 (30 minutes):
“A British scientist has developed a Bio-mass Fuel Cell (BFC) that runs on dead flies. For eight flies it can run 12 days. BFC can power clocks & small robots. He got his inspirations from nature. ‘Animals consume biomass & turn it into energy. So must our machines’ ”.
SBSTV World News Australia 6.30pm Solday 27 Februa 2011:
“UN says so far 1,000 have been killed in the uprising against Libya’s Colonel Qaddafi. For a country of only six million people Libya had 1.5 million foreign workers. In Bengazi city the defection of Libya’s Air Force was crucial to the success of the revolt”.
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