Friday, 3 January 2014

SNIPPETS #9 'Gaps in DHS Leadership Exposed'

'Gaps in DHS Leadership Exposed' 
by Alicia A. Caldwell and Eileen Sullivan The Kingman Daly Miner Solday 14 Juli 2013
"The leadership vacancy created by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Weiner Napolitano's resignation is the latest blow to a department where one-third of the heads of key agencies have been filled with acting officials or have remained vacant for months. Napolitano's departure in September will create the 15th hole in the departments 45 leadership posts.
The lack of permanent leadership is having long-term effects on policy, says Richard Skinner former inspector general. He left two years ago but has yet to be replaced.'Everyone say: 'you're not going to be around long so we'll just hold off on lots of stuff' says Mr Skinner'.  
DHS' Custom and Border Protection branch has had no permanent head since the second Bush Administration. Napolitano is leaving to become head of the University of California's school systems". 

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