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NINS Dec 2010

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                               Decembis 2010
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ABC Radio 792AM repeat of ‘Late Nite Live’ 4am Solday 5 Decembis 2010 (30 minutes): Philip Adams(J) interviews Prof. Stephen Knight, Cardiff University author On Deconstructing Robin Hood.
SK: “I was teaching on King Arthur as Professor of English at a Sydney University in 1992. I saw Robin Hood as being the opposite of King Arthur. Why are such opposite myths so well embedded in the English psyche and why are they so popular among people elsewhere? There have been forty novels written on the topic of RH. The original story began in the 13th Century as a ‘low-level fugitive’ tale of resistance & disguise. That’s all. There’s no great quest, no heroin to rescue, no dragon to vanquish. But it struck a resonant tone with early English myths of both the ‘Green man’ & ‘resistance’ to outsiders. Both are deep in the English psyche and have appeal to an overseas audience.
Was there a real RH? If there was he was many men.

It became a ‘functional’ myth. Outlaws would call themselves RH, like a man arrested in 1344 AD. But the name is a title. In Old English Robin meant a ‘young man’ & Hood meant simply ‘in disguise’. So outlaws were calling themselves ‘disguised young men’. We see this from the widespread nature of the phenomena. There was also a RH in Rutland. Another operated in the forest of Barnesdale, owned by Earl of Huntington. Several Forests each had own local RH. This also occurred in Scotland where they were called Rabi Hoods (?). What about his female companion, Maid Marion. Early versions of the myth call her either Matilda or ‘the Moorian Maid’ i.e. a Muslim brought back from the Crusades [a Turkopole? RE] . She was said to be a Moorian dancer.

In the 16th Century RH was gentrified & made an Earl. Then his consort became Lady Marion. When become an English nationalist? In early versions he simply represents ‘local community’ against ‘outside aggressors’ or tradition versus change. It’s false to claim RH as an Anglo-Saxon hero against Norman oppression as the name Robert of Locksley is a Norman name. It was Sir Walter Scott in the early 19th Century who first saw the need to portray RH as an English nationalist. This is the current way of viewing him. The RH myth first became drama in 16th Century as short plays performed at pageants & festivals. Short one-act plays of no more than 25 minutes. Ironically the original B&W TV series, with Lorne Green, had 28 minute episodes much like the original plays. The emphasis was always on ‘fair play’ with RH simply a ‘righter of wrongs’. Many of the Hollywood Ten [Communists banned from filmmaking by McCarthy’s HUAC] fled to England and got work on this TV series.

Cinema added its own emphasis to the myth. Director Michael Curtiz was a Hungarian Jew. He made films with Errol Flynn as RH in the 1930’s. EF portrayed RH as Roosevelt’s New Deal versus the Sheriff of Nottingham’s Hitlerian New Order. Curtiz was very appalled by Leni Reifenstahl [Hitler’s favourite cinematographer with Triumph of the Will & Olympia]. He opposed her orderly lines of marching soldiers. He preferred the anarchic activities of the forest ‘outlaws’. This anti-Hitler trend can also be seen in Russian director Sergei Eisenstein(J)’s film Alexander Nevsky where he contrasts the ‘flowing lines’ of the peasant army with the rigged lines of the Teutonic knights”. “Yes, I agree!” chimes in PA. “Even Mel Brookes(J) film Robin Hood: Men in Tights was more in keeping with the traditional myth. It was ribald, public drama for the masses. One popular short 16th Century carnival play was Friar Took and Marion in the Mire where both end up rolling in mud”.

ABCTV News 725pm Frigasday 10 Decembis 2010:
“The State government has expanded the pre-school Curriculum to include all private day-care centres. From next year 250 private day-care centres in Queensland will teach a set programme to those three years & older in preparation for their attending Preps Year [age four years]”.
[ALP now has 14 years to indoctrinate all youth. RE].

“Students at Waterford West State School are one of 11 State schools across Qld to begin new Language Curriculum whereby schools teach one of the 120 local Aboriginal dialects existing before European settlement. All will be taught with the involvement of local elders. Students are enthusiastic. WWSS principal Di Davis said: ‘it’s all about teaching them to stand tall & to learn about where they came from’ (sic). In 2011 the programme will be expanded to even more State schools. Queensland is the last Australian State to adopt a Local Language Curriculum" [Emphasis ours].

[Not one of WWSS students shown were in fact Abos. ‘Where they came from’ is Europe. No, this is just another ALP effect to tell whites: ‘you don’t belong. This is not your land’. The stunning irrelevancy of teaching below-average white pupils at the State’s poorest schools a dead language not even spoken by the alleged ‘local elders’ is striking. Why not teach them Latin? It’s the basis for English, French, & half a dozen other European languages. No, Latin teaching was removed in 1972 by – you guessed – the ALP as being ‘elitist’. Why waste teaching time, in the midst of the worst Depression since 1929, with yet another totally worthless subject?

Because the Left’s agenda continues to be met, undeterred by economic reality. A mainstay of the ALP, and all Left parties across the West, are the so-called teaching unions. Is no surprise the appointed female principal was fully in approval. Is there any politically correct subject she wouldn’t improve? Let’s do our kids, & our country, a favour. Ban the ALP-controlled teachers unions; sell off all State schools to the nearest private school for a token amount on proviso they teach only subjects that will provide a job not amuse Frankfurt School’s ideologues. RE]

MOVIE REVIEW: The Counterfeiters (2006) (105 minutes) 10.15pm SBSTV Sat 11 Dec 2010:
An Austrian-German co-production by Aichholzenfilm + ORF.
Story of Operation Bernhardt run by SS Sturmbannfuhrer (Colonel) Frederich Herzog out of Saschenhausen Konkentration Lager (work camp) 1943-45. As a Kripo (Criminal Police) officer in the fraud squad he'd caught many currency counterfeiters. As an SS officer he used his knowledge of this group of criminals to recruit them into the service of the Reich. The aim: counterfeit both British pounds & US dollars, flood the market with these & destabilise their economies. Herzog’s team of mainly Jewish criminals produced 132 million British pounds, four times the amount of actual British pounds then in circulation. When approached for verification the Bank of England accepted these forgeries as ‘authentic’. Herzog allegedly failed to produce a forged US dollar due to sabotage by Adolf Burger(J).

This film is based on Burger’s biography Devil's Workshop so we can't discount biased reporting. Team leader Salomon Sorowitsch(J) is portrayed as an amoral Russian resident of Berlin, an amiable crook happy to forge passports for poor - but beautiful - Jewesses seeking to flee. If too poor Sal is happy with ‘alternative means of payment’. This degenerate, arrested by Herzog in 1936, is sent to Mauthausen KL and labeled a ‘habitual criminal’. Sal is glad of the 1943 transfer to Saschenhausen KL to join Herzog’s Operation Bernardt. Others in the 20-odd OB Gruppe: Zilinski(J), Kleinfeld(J), Jiatski(J), Adamovic(J), Leibowitz(J), Stein(J) & Kolya Karloff(J). Did they survive the War?

Yes, but they almost didn't. Ironically, they were safe from harm by the SS but not from fellow inmates. After the Reich fell the SS fled, leaving behind their weapons. These were seized by KL inmates who then used them to ‘settle scores’. They stormed TOP SECRET Block 18/19, the counterfeiter’s compound from where the OB team once boasted: “even Mauthausen’s Commandant doesn't know what we get up to in here” Unfortunately neither did the KL inmates. They entered Block 18/19 planning to butcher everyone. Why? Said one: “you’re so well fed - we thought you must be SS”. Said another: “we always heard beautiful music coming from here, so we thought you were SS”. Burger & Co quickly flashed their KL tattoos, saving everyone's lives.    

SBSTV William Shatner’s Weird or What? 7.30pm Moonday 20 Decembis 2010 (55 minutes):
WS: “Tonight we look at what’s been called the American Stonehenge, near Salem, New England. There archeologists discovered stone structures. Charcoal pits on the site have been carbon-dated to 2,000 years old. American Stonehenge site director Dennis Stone supports this view. He believes ‘Celts built it in around 1800 BC’. Others disagree.

James Gage says: ‘pottery found at the site is of Native American origin. This proves they built the site’(sic). Ken Feder(J) of Central Connecticut State University says” ‘it was all a hoax done by two drunken 19th century farmers’ & that they ‘used the site to make cider or lye soap’. Despite this arguing for & against a prehistoric European settlement, the segment ended with an intriguing disclaimer: ‘stone slabs have been found in the Middle of the Sahara Desert. Experts recently dated these to 4,000 years BCE’.
[More evidence for white settlement world-wide. Predates today’s so-called ‘natives’. The natives are us, not them. RE].

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