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STORM 90 Mars 2011

        No. 90                Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action                   Mars 2011
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only.

SKUTTLEBUTT: Contact @ 3 Novembis 2010:
“I’m from Roma [500 km West of Brisbane]. Everybody out there got their ‘fingers burnt’ on this CS [coal seam gas] caper. Dey all thought they woz gonna maik lotsa motza! But now dair house prices are higher ‘un in Brissie so locals can’t afford to live in dair own town!”

Contact @ 12 Novembis 2010:
“Brendale Electro-plating Company was bought by a Chinese billionaire who made his fortune selling condoms in China. Now he makes us work 12-hour shifts for only AUD$10 per hour”.

Contact @ 16 Novembis 2010:
“a mate in the Qld Police Service told me they’ve terrible trouble with Asian taxi drivers. Not shift goes by without a Brisbane woman being raped by an Indian or Pakistani driver. As soon as the sun goes down, they’re at it! It’s become a national sport”.
STORM: “But our media only report attacks by white males on Indian cabbies [now the majority of drivers]”.
Contact: “Maybe that’s why they’re getting bashed – as payback for raping our women! Their usual line is: ‘the fare is $20 but don’t worry, love. I know a way you can pay me’. Then they launch an attack. Or they say: ‘thanks for the fare, now let’s have sex’ ”.
STORM: “Maybe where they come from they rarely see drunken, half-naked, white sluts”.

Contact @ 17 Novembis 2010:
“ I hear the Qld Police Service are so short-staffed they’ve been ordered by Bligh’s Labour government to accept recruits with only ESL [English as a Second Language]. I can’t wait till they’ve got to give evidence in court! Ex-cop in Darwin tipped us off: are good jobs going at the Federal Migrant Detention Centre. You do six 12-hour shifts a week & get paid AUD$150,000 a year. Good money, if you wanna be servant to dirty wogs’ ”.

SBSTV How Many Can Live on Planet Earth? (docu.) 8.30pm Tuis 21 Sept 2010 (55 minutes):
Presenter David Attenborough. Series Prod. Lauren Van der Pool. Ed. Andrew Cohen for BBC 2009.
“India’s Kerala State has the highest education levels in the world for women with an average marriage age for women of 28. The neighbouring State, Uttar Pradesh, has an average marriage age of 18. By 28 women in Uttar Pradesh have an average of four children each - before women in Kerala have even gotten married. Consequently the birth rate for women in Kerala is India’s lowest”.
Hania Zlotnik UN Population Division:
“We need contraception made freely available to all women, everywhere”.
DA: “Studies have shown where ever women’s education is raised they have fewer children. Where ever women are given control over their own affairs they have fewer children”.

[DA & his Ultra-Green friends are honest. It’s why US is waging war on Islam: they reproduce too often for the N.W.O. ‘Women’s Liberation Movement’ of the 1960’s destroyed the West. Also those who copied us like Japan & South Korea. If Muslim women aren't stopped they'll overrun the West. We'll be eradicated. The 22nd Century will be a Muslim one unless our Masters force Islam to ’free’ women & shorten their breeding cycle. But if women refuse to breed, what use are they? If only women in bondage to men reproduce then any who seek a future for the white Race must conclude our women will betray us unless forced to submit. Sound oppressive? Selfish womb-men plan our annihilation. Do not be fooled, oh white man! First stage in our survival must be to get white women back ‘under the boot’. Only then can we proceed to Stage Two: battling the alien foe & their equally alien Masters. The war begins today - in every white home. RE].

BBC The Interview c/- ABC News Radio 936AM 3.30am Saturnsday 30 Octobis 2010:
“Printhi Zanthi, Bollywood starlet & ‘women’s rights’ advocate, became an actress by accident. She attended an audition with a University friend:
‘I was studying Criminal Psychology and had to present a paper on ‘male sexuality’. On the way I stopped off to see if my friend’s audition was over. But whereas I only expected 20 people to be there, there were 500. When the director saw me he approached me. I tried to explain I wasn’t there for a job but he only turned to the roomful of people & shouted: ‘a classic case of nerves!’ Later he phoned. I’d got the job! He convinced me it was ‘fate’ I was there, so I became an actor.
My most traumatic year was 2004. We’d gone to Sri Lanka to promote a film. We sang disco songs at an open air concert. A terrorist group warned us not to but we ignored them. During the concert, I saw a man flying through the air. I thought: ‘what’s going on?’ so I went to the edge of the stage. There I saw blood, blood, blood. A bomb had gone off! Then a woman ran into me - she had no arms. She’d have knocked me into the stampeding crowd but a security guard grabbed me at the last moment. I’d have been trampled to death. Many were others.
I was so traumatised that a friend phoned from Switzerland, where she’s an Exchange Student. She said: ‘a few of us are going to Phuket [Thailand] for Christmas Day. Why not come?’ so I did. Christmas night was so tiring! I slept in the next day, Boxing Day. All my friends went to the beach. That’s when the Tsunami hit. All eight of my friends simply vanished. I was so upset I took Thai boxing lessons, just to relax. 
Then I  went for a swim in the Ocean, to overcome my fear of the water. Some ask: ‘why didn’t you help with the rescue effort?’ but - dig up bodies?! Well, that’s just sooo not me! After a week I felt much better so I returned to Bombay for my 34th birthday. I thought: ‘what present will I buy myself?’ I chose a new Series 7 BMW. Then I read in the ‘paper about an 11 year old girl who was about to be sold into the sex trade. With the money her parents would buy a bicycle. I thought: ‘I can adopt her’. A friend asked: ‘how many girls could you afford to adopt?’ I thought: ‘34!’ So I did. Of course, they don’t live with me. They go to a boarding school. I just meet their financial needs’ ”.
WOMEN & CONSENSUS: why include this item? It portrays an erratic bimbo but one with money & power. Are Gillard & Bligh that different? Women have a mantra: ‘the world will be a better place when run by us’. We disagree. GOD gave rule over the Earth to Man. The female was created only to be a ‘helpmate’ (Genesis 2v18). GOD ordained man to ‘rule over her’ (Genesis 3v16). It is unnatural for women to rule men. The Earth cannot be run by those who refuse to accept responsibility for anything they do. Instead they constantly seek confirmation from others and/or look for some scapegoats for their errors. They talk ‘equality’ but seek domination. At Qld Health females make up 84% of all staff; at Education Qld they are 94% of all staff. Equality? No: ‘equity’.

MALE-FREE ZONES: Women seek ‘approval’ from other bimbos so progressively bar all men from the work-space. Why? They were designed as ‘nesting’ creatures by GOD; they transform every work-place into a large ‘nest’ so they can feel safe. They feel safest only amongst other females? Explains why our dysfunctional Health & Education systems can’t be fixed. They’re femo-ghettos. 35 years of ‘equal opportunity’ have created a system where only the least able are promoted.

FIRST BLACKS THEN WOMEN: Something similar happened in Europe’s former African colonies. By 1960 European governments had been weakened by 15 years of Soviet infiltrators from within & Red agitators from without. They began granting independence to their African colonies. With whites deposed, blacks were elevated but still felt inferior working alongside whites. Whitey had to go! Look at South Africa, the last white-ruled state in what had been an entirely (except for Ethiopia) white-ruled continent. In 1994 the Republic of South Africa, after 17 years of strangling UN sanctions, surrendered control of its Parliament & economy to incompetent blacks.

At the time white-run SA had the highest GDP in Africa & produced half the wealth of all Africa’s 53 states. By 2011 Black Economic Empowerment (BEE), the local variant of Equality Opportunity in Employment (EOE) had destroyed this. BEE created a system of black patronage & favouritism. Now the system barely works. Why? Servants took the place of masters but still can think only as minions (Proverbs 30 vs21-23).

ETWN c/- QCTV The World Over programme 10.18am Solday 7 Novembis 2010:
Interview with George Weigel author of The end & the Beginning: Pope John Paul II.
“For the first time since the French Revolution & the rise of Marxism someone showed that history is not driven by economics but by culture. Culture is what people believe about themselves & are willing to die for. In Poland in 1980 JPII turned that fact to his advantage. When JPII became Pope in 1979 he set about reforming the priesthood. In the 15 years prior there had been a mass exodus from the priesthood. We lost more priests than at any time since the Reformation of the 1500’s. Why did JPII ignore reports accusing American priests of paedophilia? Simple. Living under Communist rule in Poland he knew that this was a routine accusation made against Catholic persists. So as Pope he did not take it seriously. He just saw it as ‘more of the same’ ”.
[GW calls it ‘culture’. We call it racial pride. JPII unleashed it in Poland to unseat the Reds. RE].

ABC News Radio 936AM 6am Solday 28 Novembis 2010:
“Victoria is facing a ‘hung Parliament’ following yesterday’s inconclusive election. The ALP suffered a 6% swing against it“.

[A month before the 21 August 2010 Federal Election both South Australian & Tasmanian ALP governments held simultaneous elections, the first time ever. Tasmanian ALP suffered a swing of 7% against them. They handed over power to a Liberal-Green Coalition government. Greens have since decimated the main industry there, logging. Have destroyed thousands of jobs in the midst of a world-wide Depression. Liberals share the blame so ALP will probably return to power in four years. ALP in South Australia suffered a 12% swing against but did not surrender power. Instead they ‘stitched up’ an alliance with several Independents. The Australian boasted the SA ALP party strategist had used a new ‘tactic’ to ensure the government won even though they lost. Called it ‘working the marginals’.

Predicted use of this new tactic would ensure victory for J.Gillard in the Federal Election. It did. Now it seems to have done the same in Victoria. What it means is that Gillard won with only 41% of popular vote; 60% voted against the ALP. Just as in the March 2009 Qld election where ALP obtained only 41% of the vote but retained power. Amazingly this is all legal under our Proportional Representation System of voting. So successful is this scam that both UK Conservatives & Liberal-Democrats plan to adopt it. At least they said so in the lead up to their mid- 2010 election victory. Both see their current ‘first-past-the-post’ system as outdated. In Australia many long for just such a system especially after seeing ALP cronies in the Elections Commission using every corrupt trick to defraud the masses.

And what of the ‘free press’? They say nothing as all are card-carrying members of the Australian Journalists Association/MEAA. Is one of the ALP junta’s main props. Through the AJA they censor all critics and deny ‘oxygen’ to any regime opponents. Will take a Revolution to overturn this stinking morass of filth, our depraved and traitorous Political Caste. When the lackeys of the perverts palace are swing in the breeze their many ‘reporter’ friends should be enjoying the ‘fresh air’ right alongside them].

BBC ‘The Interview’ c/- 4RPH 1296AM 5am Solday 28 Novembis 2010:
Reporter Owen Bennett-Jones with Gary Trudeau [cartoonist of the Doonesbury series]:

GT: “I grew up in a small town south of Montreal. He was town doctor so he had a certain social status and was in effect a counselor, adviser, everything short of a rabbi. I looked at that & thought ‘I don’t have that much ‘milk of human kindness’ in me’ although I am a liberal.
OB-J: “You’re a satirist. You’d describe yourself as a liberal?”

GT: “I find all satirists are. We are forward looking people. We try to present positive options”. “I began the Doonesbury cartoon strip at Yale. It was a one-off for the college newspaper about a particular athlete. It was popular so I continued it thinking I’d drop it once he left college. But I got ‘scouted’ while at college. Ironically I went to college with Geo W Bush, later a US President. He was interviewed by the ‘paper over a torture scandal. He was very sociable and was chair of Delta Fraternity at Yale. He required Freshman to be branded with a hot iron with the Delta emblem. Geo W Bush defended this in the college paper. This, I believe, was his first media interview defending torture! He knew of me and now apparently sees we me as a ‘traitor’ to my class”

OB-J: “He’s described you as a Chardonnay sipping socialist”.
GT: “Hmmm. I don’t drink Chardonnay.”
OB-J: “The strip now has 70 characters and has been going 40 years. As time has gone on characters have died.
OB-J: “You’ve dealt with the topical areas of US politics: Vietnam, Watergate, Iraq.”
GT: “I’m so popular now that political columnists demand the editors put them on my page. I have four times as many readers as the usual political columnists so they want ‘in’ with me. Originally I was employed by an editor who wanted to ‘connect’ with the younger generation. They knew they were losing their younger readers. I was originally described as ‘dispatches from the frontline’ of the generation war, in the 1970’s”.

OB-J: “You recently went to Walter Reid Hospital and the frontline in Afghanistan”.
“One of my characters lost a leg in the battle for Fallujah where the US Marines lost so many men. He now has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [‘Shell Shock’]. The US Army rang me the next day and said: ‘we think we know where you’re going with this’ ".
They suggested if I wanted to ‘get it right’ I should have all the facts so took me on a trip to inform me. I found you cannot talk when you interview returned soldiers. They are the ‘story’. They feel a lot of guilt they aren’t on the battlefield still”.
OB-J: “So what’s the future hold?”
GT: “Depends on the future of 'papers. Few cartoonists have been able to move over to the internet”.  

SBSTV Who Do You Think You Are? 7.30pm Solday 28 Novembis 2010 (55 minutes):
Writer-director Kay Pavlov. Fulcrum Film for Screenwest (2010). Tonight’s guest is Magda Szubanski.
“My grandfather was in the Polish Underground Army [AK] during WWII. He joined at age 15 years old in 1939 after the German Occupation as a member of Counter-Intelligence Unit 993W. They carried out executions of collaborators – any Poles who served the Germans. He used to tell me: ‘it is not easy to kill your own people’. He’s now listed in the Warsaw Uprising Museum as he took part in the 1944 Uprising. A friend of his told us: ‘it was then [in 1944] we learnt how cruel Germans were – they executed any one they found including 20,500 women & children. Our Army [the AK] was winning for the first three days but then we all realized the Russian Army wouldn’t intervene. That’s when the Germans counter-attacked. They killed 200,000 people before Warsaw finally fell four weeks later. The Wehrmacht sent all captured AK prisoners to POW camps’ ”.
[Sources tell us: 'Red Army classed AK as ‘counter-revolutionary bandits’. Executed all they captured].

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