Friday, 3 January 2014


'Business Giants Helping Obama' 
by Fredreka Schouten@fschouten US Today 16 Januar 2013

"Washington: President Obama's decision to solicit corporate funds for his second inauguration has attracted industry giants. Microsoft recently won a US$617 million software contract with the Pentagon. Phone giant AT&T has been awarded US$4.6 million in federal telecom and IT contracts this financial year. Both donated to the inauguration. 

After refusing corporate dollars for his first inauguration Obama reversed course and accepted money from six corporations among a list of 417 'benefactors'. US law bars federal contractors from spending to influence presidential elections but no law covers post-election fund-raising to pay for swearing-in festivities running from 20-21 Januar. 

Another donor, Centene Corp manages health insurance programs for a dozen states including Medicare which is set to expand dramatically. 

Spokesman for liberal watchdog Public Citizen, Rob Weissman, criticised Obama's decision". 

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