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STORM 93 Juno 2011

        No. 93                Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action                  Juno 2011
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only.

ADF PEACEKEEPER 'CASUALTIES': “My nephew was sent to Rwanda by the ADF [Australian Army] in 1995. They were under UN command. They were, all of ‘em, just 19 year old boys. But since they returned my nephew & all of his mates - they’ve gone mad! He got diagnosed with PTSD & got a big pay-out from the Army. With the money he’s bought a big farm, far from any town. He lives there alone with his wife & three sons. They never go out. He refuses to see anyone. What happened to him? The ADF trusted the UN. The UN sent our boys into the worst places without no protection & with no preparation of any kind. Their first assignment was to go into all the hospitals in Kigali [Rwandan capital]. It was like one of them post-Apocalyptic movies!

They were  filled with corpses that’d lain in the tropical heat for three months. The US Army was also there. They’d been ordered to do it but refused. That left the Aussies. As soon as our boys went to pick them up the completely decomposed bodies fell apart in their hands. They disintegrated. Then our fellows had to scrape up the mess. When they finished in Kigali the UN decided they’d done such a good job they gave them a better one. They got sent ‘up country’. There they were to patrol every highway looking for and collecting severed body parts – arms, legs, heads - from alongside the road. The US Army had been given the task but, as before, deferred to the ADF. Great heroes these Americans! It’s no wonder our boys went mad.”

SOMALI CONTACT: “There are 100,000 Somalis living in the US, mostly around Minneapolis & St Paul, the twin cities. 15 of their kids went back to Mogadishu [Somali capital], wanting to fight for Al Shabaab [Islamist terror group]. All are the children of single mothers. Mother’s can’t raise boys alone! These kids are aged from 16 – 20 years old. They need a father or they will end up following some male leader who then leads them astray”.

GOLD COAST CONTACT: “A former Queensland Police Service officer had turned ‘whistle-blower’. ‘Dobbed in’ [informed on] his fellow Gold Coast officers for involvement in the illegal drug trade. He went to the Criminal Justice Commission [police ethics & oversight command]. Not long after 10 QPS officers visited him at his home. They stood in a circle around him in his lounge room. One knocked him to the floor, then the others proceeded to kick his head in! He only got out of hospital two months later. He immediately went into hiding. He’s been there for two years. No one was ever charged – either with the original drugs charges or with his assault”.

BRISBANE AIRPORT CONTACT: “I was with the Australian Federal Police at BIA [Brisbane International Airport] when we got a complaint about an arrival from PNG. A PNG National [native] was reportedly threatening airport staff in the main overseas passenger Arrival Terminal. As we approached we found a large black male acting very aggressively. He was swearing, hurling racial abuse at any nearby white persons including threats of violence. I proceeded towards him, placed his arm behind his back & ‘took out’ his knees. He dropped face down onto the tile floor. The 500 waiting passengers spontaneously applauded. We then checked his passport. Finding he was not a diplomat we speedily loaded him into the back of a paddy-wagon for transport to the Brisbane City Watch-house [a Queensland Police overnight detention facility].

There we handed him over to QPS officers. As we were leaving I looked in my rearview mirror. I saw a diplomatic car pulling into the BCW. I said to my mate: ‘step on it - let’s get out of here!’ Later that day, back at BIA, we got a visit from a senior AFP Inspector carrying an official complaint. He said to me: “listen here, you can’t go round arresting diplomats!” I said: “excuse me, sir, but I checked his passport. He wasn’t one”. “Oh?” says the Inspector, “OK, then”. Word came through later the National had been a ‘bagman’ sent to Australia to collect AUD $60 million in cash for PNG’s government. We’d intercepted him in error”.

DVD REVIEW: Devils Playground (2001) (116 minutes).
Executive producer Julia Goldman(J); Co-producer Toby Oppenheimer(J); Producer Steve Cantor(J); Director Lucy Walker. Stick Figure Productions.  Blurb on the DVD case is accurate:
ramspringa in Pennsylvania Dutch means ‘running wild’. Given the choice how many young people would endure 18th century religious strictures when they could indulge in 21st century pleasures? Amish youth are given such a choice”.
Amish youth strictly observe all the sect’s rules till they reach age of 16. The Amish do not overvalue education.  They see too much education as only leading to the sin of pride [certainly proves true of another sect. RE]. As a result Amish complete their education in Grade 8. They enter the workforce at age 13. At age 16, after working for three years & having matured through it, they enter a new phase, a period of authorised anarchy, a break from all rules: ramspringa. This lasts till they agree to end it or till they turn 21.

During this ‘interval’ Amish youth are allowed to buy cars, smoke, drink, take drugs or engage in casual sex. They ‘taste of the English [non-Amish] world’. Official Amish statistics show 90% of their youth, after the excesses of ramspringa, willingly return to the church body, joining as Adult members. This contrasts sharply with Christian fundamentalist churches in Australia. They report a loss rate of 94% from Sunday School to Adult church. i.e. they leave at 16 years old and do not return. The Amish could teach our fundo’s a new way of doing things. Rather than shut out the ‘world’ let it in but thoroughly prepare them beforehand so their responses are correct.  

BOOK REVIEW: Better Than Nostradamus or The Secretive World Takeover by Rev Barry R Smith 1996 (International Support Ministries, Pelorus Bridge, Rai Valley R.D.2, Marlborough New Zealand)
ISBN 0-908961-05-7
Contact passed us a tattered copy of this to review, obviously much read & by many. Target audience is  White Volk who've read Garry Allen’s classic political expose None Dare Call It Conspiracy. Like NDCIC, BTN is a seat-of-the pants terror ride through the arcane, shadow world of the New World Order. BTN is 15 years old but many things Rev Smith predicted, which seemed unlikely at the time, have actually happened. This gives it the mark of true prophecy. Highly recommended.

DVD REVIEW: 9-11 In Plane Site (2006) 100 minutes. Prod. Dave von Kleist; Dir. William Lewis.
Available from your corner video store. Best documentary we’ve seen on the 2001 World Trade Centre events. Von Kleist's logical and rational deconstruction of any faith in the 'official story' of 9-11, especially that it was a ‘work of Arab terrorists’. Given the weight of material already done on the WTC events, Von Kelist sagely focused instead on the Pentagon attack.

Main quandary there is the 14-foot-wide hole supposedly left by a 124-foot-wide airliner. His evidence is so sane and reasonable that after 100 minutes you are left wondering how even a child could believe the ‘official version’, let alone base a War on it. We give it 10/10; highly recommended. One reviewer: “If we’d had someone like von Kleist around after Pearl Harbor, WWII would never have happened”.

QUOTEABLE QUOTE: from Werner Baumbach’s The Life & Death of the Luftwaffe (Ballantine Books New York, 1949). Author was Third Reich’s ‘General of Bombers’. In foreword to his 1960 US edition he provides an excellent summary of ‘what went wrong’ in Germany, 1939-45:
“Hitler was trapped by his decision to wage a quick war. From the very start Germany, geared to win with what it had, could not adjust to delays in timetables or to changing needs. Blitzkrieg became a long, chaotic struggle between planning & expedience. Germany fell victim to over-centralised control & erratic policy, red tape & inefficiency, inter-service rivalry & political favouritism, shortages of raw materials, depletion of manpower, destruction of facilities & finally the onslaught of overwhelming numbers & production”.  
RECOMMENDED: A contact recommends Amity Shlaes’ book The forgotten Man: A new history of the Great depression. Provides insight into Global Financial Crisis, AKA Depression II.

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